Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whose Boobs Are Those??

...I asked Adam accusingly yesterday when I finally got around to downloading pics from my camera:

...Oh. They're mine.

I took this picture of myself in the mirror, so there were multiple attempts to avoid flash issues. The reason? You, my constant reader - I had a very funny story in mind for my blog. The splotch you see on my shirt was created when I was out "in the field" measuring cracks in concrete. (I often look at cracks, and enjoy cracking cracks about my crack attacks. Ha!)

So: My car was parked at a meter which was very close to running out so I hurriedly bent to measure, and logged the results. Apparently, each time I bent, my pen was pressed against my bosom and created the fashion statement I most often make: "I am a slob." I did this in the morning, so I got to walk around the office as people did double takes on my chest all day.

In the shower the next day, I realized that the stain went through to the skin.

Now, it is nearly two months later, and I was honestly confused as to why I had seven photos similar to this one on my camera. I guess I lost interest sometime after I arrived home from work. I am very good at starting things - but a little slow on the follow through. In fact,

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