Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Your Legs Week 2

Lets start with the stats.  I need to rip those babies off like a sticky band aid on a hairy arm.

Bust: 39.5" (minus 1.5 inches)
Waist:  34" (same)
Hips:  44" (minus 1 inch)
Left Leg:  25.75" (minus 3/4 inch)
Right Leg:  25.5" (minus 1 inch)

So I seem to have lost most of me in the boobs.  That figures.  But the legs and hips are also whittling away, so I suppose I should just be content.  I guess I can always stuff with tube socks, right?

Now for the other stat, and I should warn you that I do not believe the result.  It is just too incredible.  The Wii official, for the first time ever, played fireworks and threw little flowers across the screen, because I had reached my goal weight.

Weight:  174.8 lb (minus 7.7 lb)

This is not likely to be right, because I have not been starving my self, nor did I have a stomach flu.  (Last time I tracked weight loss, I got a bug and threw up for a day.  This was followed by a day of not eating, and I lost 3.5 lb.)  I would be lying if I said I prefer months of planning and conscientious calorie counting over one day of misery once in a while...

Anyway, I think my last weigh-in was with shoes.  So I went and got my shoes and tried to go again, but the Wii only weighs you once a day.  Luckily, I also weighed our little kitty, Flower, last week.  The vet tells me she already shows signs of obesity, though she is still a kitten.  Poor thing, I know how she feels.

So I tainted her stats with my shoe weight of 1.7 lb.  I am pretty sure she will get fireworks and flowers for her next weigh in.

So, somehow, miraculously, I lost 6.0 lb.

I still think something is wrong with the Wii.  So I will wait for week 3 results before attempting a cartwheel in my tiny living room.