Monday, July 14, 2008

Beware of Bird

Each day, I walk for exercise during lunch, and despite my hiatus from the spreadsheet, I am continuing with this practice. (Though I walked to Subway...) Anyway, on the way there, I found this:
In case you cannot read it: "Attention all employees: We have received calls from several employees stating that they have been accosted by a bird outside of the front entrance. These birds aggressively defend their territory, even against much larger birds. Please be attentive to your surroundings when using the front path to cross Joppa Road. Perhaps it would be in your best interest to cross over to the Glory Days side of the road or to use your car to access any of the eateries close by. Thanks for your cooperation."

I have walked this path many times in the last few weeks and have never seen this apparent menace, and I decided I was not going to be bullied by a bird. However, this sign had similar affects as "Terror Levels" or airport security notices, and I nearly flipped out when a finch landed nearby: Despite his bad-ass mohawk, bitchin' tattoo, and bling, I passed by unharmed.


CaraBee said...

That is hysterical! Love the mohawk!

Tiffany said...

My dear sister, I warn you as well. I have been harassed by a bird in my own neighborhood. I may have told you about it. (Although you probably dismissed it as a another over reaction). The bird swept down from the wires up above and flew directly at my head. I had to duck to avoid being hit. Then the bird came back a second time. After that I have to sadly admit that I declared him the winner and no longer went that same way...That was about 4 months ago. I have decided the area is safe once again...but I still look up as I walk. So in closing I say to you...BEWARE. Don't let their feathers fool you. Anyone who say that very scary movie, "The Birds" knows that it's really the beaks that we need to fear. Oh and be sure that it you do go that way you wear sunglasses so your eyes don't get pecked out.