Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why Do I Always Spend $200 at BJ's?

I can't control myself.  I go to BJ's for specific items - when I am expecting company, I buy food for a crowd.  I buy paper products like toilet paper, kleenex, and napkins.  I buy gum and toothpaste.  Yet, each time I make out to the store, I spend much more money than I budgeted.  On average, my receipts are just under $200.  Why?

Oh, that's right:

I went to the store for burgers, dogs, buns for all, soda, and bottled water.  I got all those things.  But I also got the items seen above.
Item #1:

The most practical of my items, and actually something on my extended list of things to pick up wherever, a nozzle for the  garden hose.  Did I need three nozzles?  Plus cool little attachments that allow you to snap your nozzles onto the end with ease?  Well, no...but how cool!  Now I have a nozzle for rinsing the car, one for showering my future garden plants gently, and one for...well, I'll figure something out.

Item #2:


Totally unnecessary, and certainly impractical for the cost, but who could pass these up?  It's chocolate.  And liquor.  Together!  In one most likely delicious ensemble which will surely be enjoyed by all.   As if that weren't enough, these little gems are ultra cute and wrapped to look like mini whiskey bottles.  I had to have them, have no idea how much they cost, and didn't give it a second thought.

Item #3:


Definitely the most optimistic of my purchases, and on so many fronts.  One, that the snow will melt someday, and summer will arrive.  Two, that my body will be comfortable enough to don a bathing suit.  Three, that I will be able to tolerate the annoying strap around the neck, which I have never tolerated in the past.  But this was only $23.99!  Again, I ask: how could I not buy this?

Thankfully, Adam called me to come home while I was perusing the $1200 outdoor table, chair, and umbrella sets.  They were really really nice though.   Really.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To My Newest Fan

Dear ComcastCares1,

Well played, I say.  Well played.  You must know I am a sucker for a new reader, and a commenter at that.  I am not sure why I specifically should get the special treatment of being called if there is some reason your workers can't make it to an appointment.  Perhaps this could be made standard procedure?  For everyone?

It should be duly noted that the kid who actually did manage to traverse the icy roads to our humble abode turned out to be a non-moron with possibly more than half a brain.  That is 95% more brains than we were expecting, and like a surprisingly good movie, we were reasonably satisfied.  I didn't meet the guy (by the way, "between the hours of 10am and 1pm" are sooo convenient for those of us with jobs).  But I am told by my better half that our local representative is the "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" of Comcast reps - you don't expect much, and suddenly you realize he is actually a bit witty.  And believe me, my man is a tough nut to crack.  He's a computer programming professor (who luckily works at night) and it takes a knowledgeable person to impress him.

Now, I feel it is only fair:  it should be (triply?) noted that yesterday we received a bill for service at our old apartment - after we moved out.  We called today - apparently this is a bug in the system, a glitch in the matrix, that the computer cannot be stopped from automatically generating a bill if you happen to cancel service the day the bill is to be generated. You might want to get on that.

We haven't received a bill yet for the new place, but it would be ever so nice if it was right.  The first time.  But how much are you willing to bet, we will be billed from the day service was supposed to start instead of nearly two weeks later when service actually started?  One year of free HBO?  Two years? 

We shall see.

Of course, all would be forgiven should you decide to comment daily on my awesomeness.

A Comcast Customer (who has tried giving you my phone number in order to look up my account before - apparently, there's more than one glitch in the matrix.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Back Baby!

Oh, how I have missed you so! I hate when life interferes with my blogging, and oh how it has.  When one moves in January, one knows:  it is a risk.  January, after all, is infamously known for short days and snow squalls.  However, it was with an optimistic heart that I scheduled not only my moving truck (too small) but my Lowes delivery containing the beginnings of our finished basement (too big).  One thinks to oneself, "Sure, it may be cold, but as long as it doesn't snow, it should be fine!"

Despite early week predictions for eight inches of snow on moving day, I remained cheery, and towards the end of the week, I was rewarded by the weather gods, who stepped down their prediction to just a light flurry with only one to two inches of accumulation.

It was around the time that we went to get the truck that the flurries began, and on the way back to the apartment, my car actually slipped a tad when I stopped at a stop sign.  At this point, there was only about a quarter inch of snow on the road.  Good thing it was only going to be a dusting!

I think you may see where this is going.  We got about eight inches that day.  The State Highway Administration was just as surprised as the rest of us, so roads were not plowed at all.  And did I mention that I bought a house near a state park?  aka Middle of Nowhere?  My normal route to work requires driving on unpaved roads and crossing four one lane bridges.

Luckily, we all managed to traverse alternate routes (eventually - Dad was so excited to use his four wheel first.)  However, Comcast did not come.  Comcast did not call.  For all we knew, the poor, frightened Comcast man was out there some where, slipping and sliding, trying desperately to fight through the elements in order to connect our internet.

On Monday, we assumed Comcast would call to reschedule their appointment.  But alas, that Comcast representative is still missing.  On Tuesday, we called to remedy the problem.  They couldn't find our account number, and when they did, they said they had simply not come due to the snow.  Apparently, it is not standard procedure to call when they cannot make it....We called off the search party for the rep.

A week later, Comcast was again scheduled to come out.  I feared living without internet for such a very long time, but it was the soonest they would come. 

In the meantime, we got 26 inches of snow.  I have always looked down upon those trying to buy snow shovels they day of a snowstorm - like, duh!  You knew it was coming!  What happened to your old shovel?  And then.  I entered Wal Mart on the day of a snowstorm.  The store was packed, as usual, but I was amazed to see so many people buying non-essentials.  There were people trying on shoes and clothes, people buying jewelry and handbags.  Crazy.  I did not find a shovel (but bought a drying rack and laundry detergent, which I had been meaning to get anyway...)

Target - no shovels.  Superfresh, Home Depot, Shoppers - no shovels.

I went home, and Adam told me he wanted to replace some electrical outlets while the snow fell, and asked me to go to Home Depot #2 with a list.  They had shovels...I overheard a man ask about them as soon as I walked in, and I followed him to a bin.  We both looked skeptically at the heavy-looking silver shovels with the $32.99 price tag.  With a sigh, I picked one up, and found it was aluminum, quite light.  "Not as heavy as they look," I remarked.

"I was hoping to spend less than $35," the man replied.  Though technically less than $35, I saw his point.  But I bought the shovel anyway, because I was not going to be out there with the coal shovel (very heavy!) again, picking away at two feet of snow.

Thank goodness the neighbor let us use his snow blower.  And it still took two hours.

I went to work on Monday, the day Comcast was scheduled to arrive (again).  Once again, a Comcast representative seems to have been lost, without a call or a note.  And we were to endure a third snow storm without internet. 

On Wednesday, it snowed all day.  We got 20 more inches, and did not bother the neighbor for the snow blower.  I have shoveled more snow in the past two weeks than I have shoveled in the last ten years.  I also got a terrible cold, which was not too bad as long as I didn't move.  Or breathe.

On Friday, Comcast came!!  Yay!

Now, I have a lot of blogs to read....and I have to make up the time lost at work.  Sigh...