Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Back, Baby!

Today I planned out my meals for the week with a renewed sense of purpose. Just because I'm back to including a few more food groups in my diet doesn't mean I sacrifice taste. I chose "Farmers Delight Chili" for my lunch this week, and am making "Greek Bruschetta" for the third time for use as a snack. And I have just happily returned from the kitchen to rest a bit before making an Indian inspired stir fry that I love called "Mellow Yellow". It uses a lot of tumeric, so the chicken turns a golden yellow color.

Now that I have my awesome new apron (a recent birthday gift), I can sit rest-assured that I am not getting flour on the couch. It's a wonderful feeling. Now all I need is one of those tarps like they use at circuses during elephant performances. I am not the neatest cook, and I hate cleaning floors, which is why there may be a small ecosystem forming behind the stove. Or the refrigerator. Probably both. For the last several days, the cat has sat staring intently at one of these two appliances, tail switching in anticipation of....something. I am hoping that whatever it is just stays back there, because soon I will be forced to do something about this. It involves cleaning (deterrent #1), but also involves removing many items which are stacked decoratively on top of the surfaces (deterrent #2). But worst of all, it could involve extermination or exhumation of creepy, crawly, or even furry animals (huge deterrent.)

It could also be a cat toy, or nothing. For now, I am going with that.

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