Thursday, July 24, 2008

Best. Day. Ever.

...At work. (not of all time, or even top ten when considering the many non-work days I have thus far experienced). But I digress.

This morning, I entered the building, 10 minutes late as usual, when the alarm beeped at me. It had its desired affect I suppose, because I became alarmed - we have gotten angry emails from management regarding the accidental setting off of the alarm, and I did not wish to be the recipient of individualized reprimanding. As it was 8:10 in the AM, it took a few more seconds and another beep for me to realize that a) there are many other people in the office by now, b) the system clearly indicates that it is not armed, and c) the thing is beeping at regular, unalarming intervals. I then realize that we are out of power.

But not all power. We still have the kitchen, including the toaster and coffeemaker. And it is bagel day! This is my most favored of all days because, as you know, I love food, and especially free food. The power that we are out of? The phone and the computers, some of the lights, and the air conditioning.

What? You mean no one can call me or email me for the day, and that I can't accomplish anything? I probably wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything anyway, due to the obscene number of phone calls and emails I receive every 5 minutes, but now, I have an excuse!! It was great. We actually did get the phone back about 2 hours later, but I was proactive, and called some of my more prominent interrupters and told them not to call me or email me because I can't do anything they want me to do!! (I was later thwarted by the fax machine - I forgot that dinosaur still existed.) This also resulted in only 22 emails when I finally did get the email back, with 2 of them from friends about dinner next week. Had I not made that call, I would have easily had that many in about 2 hours.

And did you say the air conditioning was out? You mean I don't have to wear my sweater over my cute outfit? And I might actually be able to write without having to rub my hands and blow on them to get the blood flowing?

Needless to say, I got a ton of stuff done today. Literally. I have a stack of drawings to review for a construction job (wanna see it? Click here). I pushed three sets out the door and got a quarter of the way through the fourth. Yay, only 15 more. Maybe I will get to those the next time a transformer gets struck by lightening.


Tiffany said...

I believe your great fortune was a direct result of the storm we had Wednesday seems your fortune is my misfortune. As a result of this storm my basement I sat in the next room mind you not noticing. Don't worry is all clean and you will still be able to feed my cat...worry not my dear sister.

Danielle Mari said...

Wow. You experienced the urban/corporate version of the Perfect Storm. And you didn't have to endure George Clooney pretending to be rough hewn. Of course, you also didn't have the pleasure of Mark Wahlberg without a shirt. (Always Marky Mark to me!) Sounds like a delicious day.
By the way- your post made me fulfill my sudden bagel-crave.