Sunday, July 13, 2008

It Ends...For Now

As you all know, it is very hard for me to withstand the force field surrounding all buffets. I am quite sensitive to the calls of cupcakes - "Eat me!", they say, "Eat ME!" I try to walk away, but it is as though invisible tentacles have reached out and wrapped themselves about me. "No!", I say, "I already ate six of your mates!" And before you know it, the taco dip begins to taunt me, the salsa chimes in, and I am just done for.

Well, I discovered this weekend that there is something worse than attending an all-you-can-eat shin dig: hosting an all-you-can-eat shin dig. Not only do you indulge for a day, you bring home all the leftovers and indulge for a week.

I ate a danish for breakfast and cut myself a slice of cake for lunch. As I think about my week, I realize that I have another pizza meeting on Tuesday, a happy hour on Wednesday and Thursday, and a vet appointment which coincides with gym time on Friday. Not only do I have many food related activities, I have no time to plan my meals, go to the store, or work out at the gym. So I give up. For now. I know my limitations.

I'll be mindful of what I'm eating, but I just can't do it. Next week is the beginning of a new era! I hope.

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