Friday, April 23, 2010

The Amish May Be On To Something...

This is my lawn:

This is my lawn mower:

The neighbors probably think we are Amish....

....nah.  The Amish would have a mule pull this thing.

I hope the riding mower will be fixed soon....

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's a bit chilly outside today, so we are catching up on projects.  For instance, I finally opened, and unpacked, the last two boxes today.  Yay, me!  We moved in about two months ago, and these boxes have been sitting out in the open.  One, labeled "photos and photo albums" was the first box I remember packing just after our offer was accepted.  The other, labeled "candles" was packed a day or two later.  They have been alternately plaguing me as though nagging to be opened, and dropping from my radar altogether.  Perhaps I should have made this more of a priority...but I stick to my initial assessment - Yay, me!

Project #2 is finally wiring up the new bathroom vanity fixture (purchased January 2nd, I just found the receipt this morning), the new fan-light combo, and the switch which will operate the lights separate from the fan.  The previous wiring leaves a bit to be desired in the I-hope-my-wiring-doesn't-set-my-house-on-fire sentiment we all have.  I haven't lost sleep over it, but there was no junction box behind the old vanity light and the fan hasn't worked properly since we moved in.  Plus, every time we remove some section of wiring in order to improve upon it, we find some other problem.  Today it was the hall light, which had rusted wires coming into it.  Tomorrow, we're off to buy a new light fixture, and we'll probably replace the other hall light too, which is the same type.  Based on our current track record, I expect that to be completed mid July.

Project #3 is actually somewhat recent by my standards - only been on the to do list since mid March.  However, in order to cover a white lampshade with leftover curtain material to create awesome decorative style, one must google "how to cover a lampshade."

I have the "auto-type" feature turned on, and it is somewhat amusing how the computer thinks you may wish to finish this sentence.  When I had only "how to c" typed, it suggested I was looking to cash a savings bond - which is related to a recent search I did, trying to determine the value of some bonds...but second was "how to crochet".  Odd how my computer could be so close to guessing at a possible suggestion, then being so far off.  It is like my computer doesn't even know me.

By the time I had "how to cover" in there, I got "how to cover acne" (ouch!), "how to cover a book with a paper bag", and "how to cover letter" (umm, let's start by not omitting words).  Sure enough, "how to cover a lampshade" came up further down the list, after covering cold sores, tattoos, and sump pumps.

Unfortunately, this project will involve a trip to (gulp) Michaels or some similar craft store.  I am sure to get right on that.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

Holy crap, I nearly forgot my password for blogger and this means I have once again neglected my poor little spot in the webiverse.

I've been busy.

First of all, I should probably apologize.  We have had gorgeous weather the last few weeks, and I jumped the gun a bit yesterday by deciding it was not necessary to bring a coat to work.  It was about 40 degrees and rainy.  So I'm sorry.  I had no idea I had that kind of power.  I brought a coat to work today and was once again sweltering in the greenhouse gasses that built up in the car all afternoon.  As it should be.  It's cool.

I weeded my front yard and planted a few flowers and some strawberries.  Turns out the yard has been a tad neglected for the past ten years or so.  Apparently the previous owner was an older lady with Alzheimer's.  The neighbors have some interesting stories.  She was sometimes seen sweeping the yard in the wintertime at midnight...but I do not think this maintenance plan was overly effective.  So I say "weeding", but it was more like removing the sod and moss that had overgrown the plantings, and pulling out the massive strands of poison ivy.  Luckily, I am one of the select members of the population unaffected by poison ivy.  Sure, I have allergic reactions to some laundry detergents, and the nickel in some watches and jewelry...but I am spared from poison ivy.  It makes no sense.

I paid my taxes later than I have ever paid them before.  I mailed the forms on Monday, which for me is super late.  I walked to the post office since I was out of stamps and met a few of Baltimore's finest.  Two women were walking together, but each talking on a cell phone.  I wondered if they were talking to one another.

Mostly, I have been totally digging springtime.  Baltimore has a lot of beautiful flowering trees this time of year, and there are even some in my own front yard.  A song keeps going through my head, and for once I haven't tried to get it out:

Hey, it's OK, it's alright, I'm alive
and it's good to be!
The Bridge (a Baltimore band - check them out here)