Monday, June 30, 2008


Once upon a time, a certain lady we all know was blessed with jury duty on one of the hottest days of the year. "Yay!", she thought, "No office clothes for me today!" She listened carefully to the pre-recorded message telling her what sort of dress was acceptable (no jeans or tee-shirts), and chose a respectable pair of khaki shorts and a nice sleeveless shirt. Alas, at the check-in she was told her dress was "inappropriate" - her shorts offensive, and "her belly hanging out". In shame, she was forced to call home for a pair of pants as the man behind her (wearing jeans and a flannel shirt) was waved ahead.

Of course, this heroine was me. I was very upset when this heavy woman pointed out my belly as if I had displayed it purposely. While I have always felt overweight, I had never felt fat. Well, not portly fat anyway. Ultimately, I began to lose weight...six months later. (On a side note, it was also the day I realized a man must be given detailed instructions when he is expected to pick out pants for his loved one.)

During those six months I started feeling that I looked huge in photographs, I was unable to squeeze into my own clothes, I hated to see my reflection in store windows, and I developed an acute awareness of furniture creaking in my presence. I tried desperately to eat less, but continually thought of food. The negative thoughts were making me crazy!!

Suddenly, I had a new thought:

Realizing that cupcakes will be eaten and making choices to allow for the calorie splurge allow one to be healthy and human. Finding fun ways to be more active makes one look forward to working out rather than forcing movement. It wasn't until I began thinking positively that my body started to cooperate with my brain. Small, easily achieved goals that ultimately lead to a healthy lifestyle are key to losing weight.

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Mom o'Bean said...

I can't believe some lady told you your belly was hanging out! I probably would have wound up on the next day's docket for assault.