Saturday, June 21, 2008

Milk of Tangerine

As promised, I tested out Rita's sugar free ice today. There are many down sides to this treat. First off, apparently many Rita's do not offer this option because the concoction requires a special machine. Second, whenever I have seen sugar free on the menu at various franchises, it has always been "Tangerine" flavor. Upon tasting the tangerine, I am now convinced that they plan to make other flavors, if only they can finish up this one tub of tangerine. But I am fairly certain that anyone naive enough to try it once did not make that mistake twice.

Basically, sugar free ice is the tastiest laxative I have ever eaten, and way more effective than Milk of Magnesia.

Luckily, my mother warned me of this possible side effect, but I had decided that I owed it to my constant readers (all 4 of you!) to try it anyway. I reasoned that my stomach is surprisingly cool with a number of synthetic sweeteners, and other people are overly sensitive.

I was wrong. I think it would be best to leave it at that.

So, substituting sugar free ice for the calorie laden sugar water that is the regular ice, is not an option. (Unless I am feeling a little "backed up".) Unfortunately, I will have to treat my Rita's indulgences as I do all the others: enjoy, savor, and log it in.

Did I mention how ignorance is bliss??

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