Sunday, June 1, 2008

Steady....Wait For It...

I am trying SO hard to be good right now, but my stupid rice is stupidly NOT COOKING. I buy the brown rice because it is supposedly good for you, but it is consistently uncooked when I prepare it. This is because the other food cooks according to its instructions, while the rice does not. Normally, I am too impatient to wait it out, and I endure the comments from the peanut gallery regarding the "chewiness" of the rice. Today, it is still so hard, it is not edible, even though the water has evaporated and seconds ago, the smoke detector went off.

This is extremely dangerous to my fragile tummy. My friend made me banana cupcakes (thanks Maria!) which look delicious, and I want to eat them. I also want to eat some chips and salsa, some peanut butter bread, and a few almonds. I tried the counting thing again, with limited success (I had a few cherries and a strawberry and still haven't made it to 29.) I tried a glass of water, but my thoughts have wandered to me vittles, waiting for me to devour them. I am...blogging. So far this has been working....better go check on the rice again. But this is decidedly NOT the healthier option when you take into account the hundreds of calories consumed during this unbearable cooking time!!


Tiffany said...

Boy....Imagine how difficult it will be to get to 30 just a few days!!!!

Brandon said...

I feel I must help you, dear sister, in your quest to eat brown rice without a) setting the house on fire or b) eating everything else in sight. Your best way to speed things up is probably to buy instant brown rice. It takes 10 minutes, it's just as healthy as the regular, and should be done before the second cupcake. There's a couple brands: "rice expressions", "kraft minute", and "success". Uncle Ben apparently dropped the ball on this one and his should be avoided. Also, I was looking online and there's a way to cook brown rice in the oven. It takes an hour, but maybe the lack of a "watched pot" might help make it seem shorter.

...I don't like how serious this post is