Friday, May 30, 2008

Tasty Ignorance

Oh poop. They say that ignorance is bliss, and this is certainly true of food. For the past few weeks, I have blissfully taken an extra long Friday walk to the Rita's Water Ice located not too close but not too far from the office. Each time, I have happily ordered a regular ice - without the oh so tempting custard. On my spreadsheet, I respectfully decline to log this tasty treat and figure that the long walk will cancel out the indulgence. Like it never happened. After all, it is just flavored water! Guilt free and fat free.

Of course, I knew in my heart of hearts that it was loaded with sugar. Why else would it taste so good? Well, I will not ruin this for you, constant reader. Suffice it to say, my math is a little off, and the walking does not do enough to offset the damage. But, there ARE worse things to eat and that makes all the difference. I urge you to remain ignorant!

In the meantime, I will take one for the team and try the "sugar-free" version. I will report back next week with my findings....if I survive...

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