Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Inspired by the ever inspiring Cara, my own happy list:


....coming home from a great bike ride in the woods, muddy, exhausted, and completely content

....taking a long shower on a day when I've got nothing to do, then sitting down to read a book and sip tea ALL DAY

....coming up with a kick-ass genius idea for a particularly tough structural issue AND having it work

....catching a football during a game or making an awesome volleyball save

....when Adam puts his arms around me or rubs my shoulders for no particular reason

....going to a concert and getting caught up in the music

....the first flower of spring

....listening to the Grateful Dead and watching the sun come up or go down

....spending the day in the kitchen making yummy food and listening to NPR on a lazy Saturday

....driving past a building that I designed (when it is still standing - I haven't had one fall, but I imagine that would be the opposite of happiness)

....autumn leaves and that fresh smell of October

....when my purry pussy cat jumps on my lap and curls up for a snooze

....the feeling after a great workout or yoga session

....being able to fit into the jean shorts that were too tight two years ago

....cheesecake, of course!


Land of Bean said...

Great list! I love the one about sitting down to read a book and sip tea all day. Someday I'll get to do that again.

Tiffany said...

I believe you forgot..Wednesday dinner with your sister....