Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From Fatigued to Fantastic!

My poor un-entertained virtual fans. I have not been blogging as often as I am jogging. (Tee-hee) Well, there is a reason for that: when I get home from work, I...am......pooped! On a typical Monday or Tuesday, I go to the gym, but after that, I make dinner, eat it, and possibly get about 45 minutes before I slip in to a mild coma on the sofa. Usually I wake from these episodes with no recollection of being tired - I am awake one second, and suddenly it is two hours later. I feel as though I am sleeping through life, and it is a horrible feeling. Simply sitting in front of a computer and typing a blog is an unfathomable effort, and I stumble sadly to my bed where I collapse with exhaustion. Every. Day.
About a year ago, I bought a book entitled "From Fatigued to Fantastic" which in addition to being mostly about fibromyalgia (a condition I thankfully do not have) is EXTREMELY boring. It is written by a doctor, and gives specific dosages of drug treatments for several chapters. Supposedly it is for the layperson, but most of the remedies require a prescription.
Despite this, I have read almost half the book, and I decided on two possible reasons for my constant sleepiness. One was thyroid disease, which runs in my family, and comes with a laundry list of symptoms. I have every one of them. But alas, I got the results of a blood test last week, and I am normal. I am so disappointed. Luckily, most people I share this with have assured me that I am far from normal. The second reason was so simple I am amazed I didn't think of it - I am not sleeping well. I wake up during the night a LOT. Maybe two or three times for about 10 minutes at a time on a normal night, in addition to many instances of momentary wakefullness. However, it has only been since reading this book that I realized this is not normal. I have been this way for as long as I can remember, and I thought everyone slept this way.
The doctor gave me a prescription for Ambien to help me stay asleep at night, and I am AMAZED at the difference! It has been only 5 days, but I felt better after day 2, and in so many ways that I cannot even list them all. And look at me now! I just planted something in the pots I have been saving since January, and I am blogging on a Tuesday!
I wonder what the second half of the book says, but it might take another year to get through it...

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