Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tailgate Tally

The tailgate tally was a success! Despite being extremely nerdy and a bit overly conspicuous, I was able to count my consumption by placing a dot with a sharpie on my wrist. Early in the day, I found myself tempted to have "just one" cookie, but I know that the average cookie is about 150 calories. These were not average cookies, but were a little oversized, so I am pretty sure they were more like 200 calories a pop. And oddly enough, I was successfully able to rationalize with my tummy - I decided to wait for the french fries and wings rather than eat the cookie.
I must say by the way, that this choice was not regretted - the wings were better than those served at most Maryland restaurants. Good job Uncle Tim!
So as usual, the geek attack has worked for me.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

hahahahaha I should have taken a picture of your wrists rather than your drinkin' :) Much funnier. Though perhaps the dots will show up on the picture I did take. Speaking of which, I should email that to you...