Friday, April 4, 2008

I Did NOT Just Eat That!

Dude! Seriously! It could not have been me who ate the rest of the icing from that tube. It must have been some one else. I mean, come on! "Icing" isn't even a food! It's like a condiment or something. And you're telling me I ate a quarter cup of it?? Really??

OK, OK. So I look it up. As anticipated, "icing" is not a food, and the search yields results like "cinnamon buns with icing" and "blueberry scones with icing" (mmm, that sounds tasty). I see a million desserts with icing. But what about the poor schlep who skipped the dessert and went right for the sweet stuff? So, I dig out the canister from the garbage and read the label: serving size, 2 Tablespoons. How many tablespoons did I eat? Like 4?

No way. 280 calories?? I did not just eat that! Poop. I think I did.

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