Sunday, April 27, 2008

Off the Wagon

Ugh. I fell off the wagon yesterday. After coming home from an extra large grocery trip (tying to buy enough for 2 weeks since I won't have time next weekend), I began the task of preparing my soup for the week, and chopping veggies for planned meals. Only this time, I also made two batches of cookies for some upcoming events. Well, it is just no good to make a cookie dough and not know what it tastes like! You need to make sure that everything is well mixed! And, of course you can't package them up for consumption by others without trying one yourself! And then there's the broken one, well that's just no good to anyone, so you better eat that too. Oops, this batch is a little bit burnt. Better check to see if they are still edible. Well, maybe they are edible enough for you to have them, but you shouldn't include these in the public batch...and so on.
So my industriousness turned into a binge of uncontrollable eating. And I didn't stop at the cookies. I had also bought ice cream - damn you, half price sale!! You see, it melted a little bit in the 10 minute ride home on the 80 degree day, and I love it when it is a little melted. (I am not usually patient enough to wait...)
Luckily, I was able to offset the damage a little bit - it was a beautiful day, so Adam and I took the bikes out. But, I was so out of control that I turned a good week into a bad one, just like that!
Today, I have come to my senses. I have only had one far...

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Elizabeth said...

Were these alleged cookies meant to be sent to your FAVORITE sister? I could really use a pick me up right now. Kinda feeling down. :(