Friday, April 25, 2008

Stopping to Smell the Roses

On my extra long walk today, I took a route which winds around a school and past a little garden area. Lately, I have noticed that while walking past this particular spot, I would sense the odor of something very near raw sewage. I discovered today that the source is not sewage, but these innocent looking flowers. That’s right – these flowers smell like my butt. (This is not intended as a compliment to my butt. That is perhaps a blog entry best left untyped.)

I thought that I should do a little research on the plant, so that I could warn people. As a recent recipient of a free “Better Homes and Gardens” subscription, I realized that people put a lot of thought into the planning of their gardens. Having neither a home nor a garden, I was surprised to learn how much work is involved. So I can just imagine it – an unwitting home/garden owner decides to plant these stink weeds as the backdrop to their carefully landscaped masterpiece, only to discover their repulsive resemblance to refuse.

It turns out that these are a species of Hydrangea (hydrangea arborescens to be exact), and hydrangeas are actually a plant that I like. Of course, the ones I like come in white, pink, purple, or blue, and do not, so far as I can remember, smell like a butt.

So, all you gardeners out there - be sure to plant the lovely Hydrangea macrophylla, or perhaps the intriguing Hydrangea paniculata which has cannabis like effects when smoked (let me know how that turns out) and NOT the stinky and pollen infested hydrangea arborescens.

Maybe I should stick to weight loss research for the future??

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