Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wastes of Money

This Message Brought to You by Daisy the Cat:

Shhhh....I'm blogging in secret.  But I don't think Nicki will find out, 'cause she's been really really busy and she hardly ever sits at the computer any more.  So I figure I have free reign to rant about a few things that have been bugging me.

You see, all I wanna do is go outside, run around in the neighbor's garage for a bit, then eat the other neighbor's landscaping.  After that, I really wanna check out the big pigeon coop across the street.  Apparently, that is too much to ask.

So, I never get to go out, and even though Nicki said she might buy me this totally awesome cat carnival, she has been spending her money on other things.

Like, she has been on the phone with all these dirty guys with cement all over their jeans, and they say they're gonna build a place INSIDE the house to put fire!  Isn't that crazy?  Why would anyone bring FIRE into the house!  I actually don't mind when those guys come over, though, because it gives me a chance to sneak sneak sneak outside, and Nicki is too busy looking at bricks to notice me.  Still, this fire business is gonna require way more money than my cat carnival, yet she doesn't seem to bat an eye.

And then there are all these vegetables.  Ewww.  It seems to totally consume Nicki, and she spends all this time in the kitchen trying to cook stuff so she can use them up.  Again, I say it's a complete waste of money.  Why buy vegetables, when you could buy meat?  Or cat carnivals?

But today, she went and bought the craziest thing ever:

She bought a new car!  Now, I don't know much, but I think a certain cat carnival would cost a LOT less.  This is the last straw!  But...shhh!  I have a plan.  You see, this car is WHITE.  And the inside is WHITE.  And lets just say, the next time she takes me to the vet?  Well, I won't give it away.  But I have a plan.

And one of these days, maybe she will let me out.  (I only hope maybe I will be let back in.)

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Mel said...

Your new car is adorable! Is that an Aveo?

Daisy is an excellent writer. I shudder to think what my Tela or Mango would write if they had access to my blog!