Friday, July 30, 2010

Farewell Old Friend

When I signed over the old car care of my uncle's dealership, I gave the salesman a complete folder containing almost every service record which was lovingly preserved.  I began to tell him about the anti-lock brakes, which I never fixed - but he cut me off.  He told me it didn't matter, because the car was going to "death row."

Death row?

I was just a little tired of $600 bills, I didn't want it to go to "death row"!

I emailed Uncle Tim:

ME:  Uncle Tim, My old car won’t be sent to “death row”, will it?  I was thinking maybe a nice pasture where it could romp around with the other Cavaliers until it rests in peace?

HIM:   It will continue its life as a productive member of the transportation community. The adoption agency (auction) will place it with a new foster family. After some nursing back to full health it will go to a permanent home.

Ahh, thank goodness.

Farwell Old Friend!*

  * Sorry about the potholes.  And the poor parallel parking.  And never cleaning you.  You served me well!

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