Sunday, June 27, 2010

Veggie of the Day: Mizuna

Today's veggie is another leafy green, mizuna. This is a pretty veggie, and many fancy restaurants serve it on salads.  I tried mizuna in salad, including the stems, which are a bit bitter and stringy.  So it's okay in salad, just make sure you cut off the stems.  I tried a recipe from Gourmet magazine, but gourmet, I am not.  The recipe was hard to follow and I substituted a few times for items I could not find, or ones that were icky.  In the case of beef suet (which I had to look up), it sounds icky, and I was unable to find it.

My resulting recipe was dubbed "Miso Mizuna Stew" because the base is very much like the miso soup you find in Japanese restaurants.  Miso is very salty because it is essentially just soy sauce.  However, you can add (or subtract, if that's your fancy) water as needed to change the saltiness.

Check it out on my recipe page at  Click recipes, then Mizuna. 


Danielle Mari said...

Oh no!! Did the Mizuna cause you to be allergic to blogging?! We miss you!

Danielle Mari said...
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