Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cat in the Box Part 2

What to do about my outdoor loving cat?

I began to research outdoor enclosures, figuring that there MUST be other stupid people out there who have learned these same lessons.  There are.  Incidentally, they appear to mostly be in Australia or New Zealand.  And these people are not just stupid - they are also rich.  And they have a LOT of time on their hands.  And they do not mind an absolutely hideous cage like thing stuck haphazardly on the back of the house.

There are tons more of these monstrosities (most costing more than $1000, though I don't know how Aussie bucks compare to the real kind).  I love my cat, but I found no solutions that were within my price range, nice looking, or easily constructed from universally understood instructions with cutesy pictures.

Then I found this:

Isn't it awesome??  (I mean, without the tacky birthbath inside.)  It's called the "Kitty Grand Prix" and I love the description:   "Designed to allow your cats the ability to run uninterrupted to their hearts content without having to stop at the end of the enclosure, turn around then run off again. The Kittywalk® Grand Prix is great for either one cat or can comfortably accommodate two to three cats happily together at the same time."  

But alas, "Kitty Grand Prix" is over $400.  I can afford only a 10-ft straight section similar to the round thing.  I guess kitty will have to stay inside for now...

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Danielle Mari said...

Oh, it's here in 'merica, too! Check this out....