Sunday, July 19, 2009


My Day: Alternately productive and leisurely. You will be so jealous:

9:00am - Woke in time to empty the dishwasher and clear the layers of debris off the counter enough to actually spray cleaner on the surfaces. After a quick meal of Greek yogurt (a new obsession), I hopped in the very dirty car to go to Step class at the gym.

9:45am - Stopped at the manual car wash place on my way home from the gym. This because our power-happy management types who own the apartment complex have taken to posting annoying memos on all the doors (including the ones currently unoccupied). The latest memo: "Due to necessary water conservation, we are no longer allowing residents to use the hose by the maintenance shed to wash cars." Seriously, it has rained here every third day since April. At least they could tell the truth about this policy change. Perhaps they could save money by not putting these stupid memos in the doors and just posting them by the mailboxes like they used to do.

10:30am - After brief questioning on which products to use and which applicator/towels would work best, I headed to the parking lot to apply a coat of wax to the car. I thought if I could be annoying enough in said questioning, the questionee might be inclined to do this most hated of all chores for me. Unfortunately, he was on to my ploy. In order to make the chore more enjoyable, I finally replaced the battery on my MP3 player and listened to a sweet Phish download while waxing.

11:30am - Though it would certainly have looked better if someone who enjoyed the task had done it, I returned to the house, satisfied that the wax job would take. Incidentally, I found that "Possum" has a great beat for rubbing wax in a circular motion in time to the music. Click the link if you have 8 minutes of spare time. Its a short Phish song.

12:15pm - After a nice shower, I had a lovely lunch, and commenced playing the Wii. I am actually playing the old N64 version of Mario Brothers, which was played pretty much nonstop by friends in college. I find I have a lot of things in common with little Mario:
  • We both have terrible Italian accents.
  • When no one plays with us, we both sit down and take a nap.
  • We both tend to run into walls a lot.
  • Judging by body type alone, our athletic ability is probably underestimated by the masses (though I think Mario has a leg up on the gymnastics).
  • We often say "woohoo" for no particular reason.
1:30pm - Cooked up about 2 pounds of chicken. Some was used for the "southwest chicken salad" I plan to eat for lunches this week, and the rest went in the freezer for future meals. I also made a metloaf to be eaten later this week, and I did the dishes. Woohoo!

3:00pm - Went outside to read for a bit. I just finished a surprisingly good non-fiction book called "Hackers" by Stephen Levy. It is about how the home computer came to be, and it is really well written. So, I recently started "Bright Lights, Big Ass" by Jen Lancaster. Just as I like to relax between chores, I like a nice easy read between the more intense ones. Jen's book is so funny that I was laughing out loud on my last plane ride. Which is a little embarassing.

4:15pm - Came inside, cleaned the litter box, and unpacked from my last trip. Yes, I know I got home on Wednesday. Shut up.

4:30pm - Sent an email to the real estate agent. After looking at houses nearly every weekend since April, we decided to make an offer on a house we saw the first day. It is actually a long shot it will be, I'm not getting all excited just yet. Really! I swear I haven't decided what color I will paint the kitchen, nor where I will put our garden...

4:45pm - Went on a hike in the woods behind our apartment. The new house (if we get it) is in the same neighborhood and it is these woods which make us so reluctant to leave. It is so nice to have a peaceful jaunt with nature whenever we like. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera. We startled a deer family - doe and two babies - and would have had a really nice picture. Oh well. By the way? If you find a baby deer apparently abandonded in the woods? You are supposed to leave it alone. Mama deer leave their fawns unattended durng the day because the fawns have no scent (unlike the mamas), and predators will be less likely to find them. How do I know this? It was another memo. In everyone's door. Not kidding.

6:45pm - Came home to make dinner, which I feared would be rejected by those of us with a "meat and potatoes" kind of palette. It turned out quite delicious though - pork with port fig jam panini. Yum! And even Adam liked it, though I imagine he'd have turned up his nose had he known the recipe name. Oh, and I used prunes instead of figs. Could not find dried figs.

So, that was my blissful, yet productive day. We never went anywhere public, so of course, my hair was perfect. I'm sure it will be back to its old shenanigans in the morning.

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Jessica said...

Yey! I hope you get the house! Any word yet?! Also, if you know how to dry figs... feel free to grab some off my tree. I have no idea what to do with them.