Monday, July 27, 2009

The Room 2: Attack of the Killer Bees

1. A list of body parts that hurt:
- my neck, my wrists, my hands, my shoulders, my knees, my inner thighs, my outer thighs, my back, my ankles, and of course, my gluteous maximus

2. A list of delicious parts of my body (as reported by mosquito critic):
- my neck, my outer right thigh, my right eyebrow, my inner left thigh, my right shoulder, my right ankle, my right forearm

3. A list of air conditioned areas of my parents house:
- my sister's room
- my parent's room
- my brother (who lives in New Jersey)'s room
- the kitchen
- the bathrooms
- the living room

4. A list of non-air conditioned rooms in my parents house:
- my room

5. A list of wasp stings:
- my left forearm

4. A list of black and blue marks:
- my left butt cheek

5. A list of activities that are currently painful:
- the change in position from standing to sitting
- walking down stairs
- bending
- the change in position from sitting to standing
- gripping a steering wheel and/or shifting a gear
- walking up stairs
- typing (my fingers are too store and stiff to move from key to key)
- playing Wii golf

6. A list of accomplishments in The Room:
- insulation. for the love of god, the almost part of The Room


Anonymous said...

Regrettably, I seldom take the time to read your blog, but your mother sent this to me, today.
I must tell you, as sore and in pain as I was on Sunday night, I hardly felt a thing when I woke up on Monday. I was back to normal aches and pains, which are much more common in mid-middle age.
Though the punch line about insulation is funny, we did get most of the carpentry on the list done; as well as most of the duct work, which was not on the list, and was much more of a job than anticipated.

THANK YOU and Adam SOOoo much for helping. We'll have a much easier time, this weekend.

And thank you for sharing your pain!


NICKI said...

May I respectfully point out that you were not crawling on hands and knees on rock-laden ancient puppy poo littered with cicada carcasses, and hammering upside down through hardened wood joists?

CaraBee said...

Daughter of the Year Award? I think so.

Liz Baer said...

I just got my computer and stuff ready in my room so I only got to read these today. I would like to add to your comment above that Dad's "normal aches and pains" were much surpassed by my 24 year old aches and pains. I am still black and blue but will be adding more marks tomorrow.
And, Dad also did not have to shower in a pool of his own filth.
Also, I would like to point out that in the back where I kept saying I smelled manure? That was probably the "ancient puppy poo" which we were sitting directly in.

CaraBee, I must agree (that rhymes :D) with the Daughter of the Year Award comment.