Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Banana

Dear Banana,

Please believe me when I tell you that I truly planned to eat you. You are advertised as the world’s most perfect food, and I know that you are high in potassium. You are a nutritious alternative to sugary breakfast cereals and gooey snacks. I know this.

But, poor Banana, I am weak. I saw plates of cookies and black bottom cupcakes placed seductively before my eyes, arranged temptingly on the kitchen table. They called to me, enticed me with their promises of deliciousness. You started to look a little brown. Oh yes, deep down I knew that you were still firm and edible on the inside. But shamefully, I judged you based on your outer appearance.

And now, you are gone, withered away to mush before my eyes. It is all my fault, dear Banana. I have acted as though Bananas grow on trees. Well, perhaps they do, but the money I wasted to buy you does not. I tell myself that this will not happen again, that I will not purchase food only to toss it to the dumpster a few weeks later. But you know me, don’t you Banana? I only hope you can appreciate the times when I have been attentive, ingesting your wonderful nutrition each day before you begin to rot. I shall strive to be better. For, sadly, I know this will not be the last time.

So Sorry,



CaraBee said...

I think I only eat 3 out of every 5 bananas that I buy. Every time I tell myself that I will eat them all, and every time I let one or two go bad.

Danielle Mari said...

Great post! (Though I must admit that I love me a banana... it has to be yellow and speckled with spots... mmmm.... maybe with peanut butter.... or dipped in chocolate?!?! Which. Of course. Negates the positive effects. Sigh.)

All I could think of when I saw your title was Ralphie saying, "Go banana!"

(BTW- the word I have to type in is "tests")

VeRonda said...


Tiffany said...

I think really you should not feel the guilt in this situation. I am sick and tired of bananas being so needy. Eat me right away they say...look at me I'm turning brown they say...I need a stronger more- reliable fruit. You don't see the apple or the orange wilting away after only a few do you?? When I walk into my produce place, the bananas are at the front door and I always feel a bit of anger as I consider them...If I buy you, I know what you will do... It will be just like last time...I'll pick the greenest ones I can find, thinking this time I am sure to eat them all..I have an early start...only to find them brown in a day or too. Some things just never change... I have done as you have, my dear sis, and considered the possibility that it was me or the environment in my house... but I'm sick of taking the blame...They are the ones at fault...It's not me , its you, banana...and sooooo I only buy them when I convince myself I will make the rotten ones into a smoothy...and then ...never do...