Monday, January 5, 2009

Punting the Posterior

Can I just say: I am kicking ass today. That is, my ass. And in a good way, not like, in a fall down the stairs kind of way.
So: Yesterday was the last day of my wonderful, wonderful "staycation". It is what it sounds like - I was home for nearly an entire week, doing nothing. By nothing, I mean: reading, sleeping (a lot), doing laundry (like 6 loads. Really.), leisurely choosing recipes to cook, buying the ingredients, and cooking, and, of course, spending time increasing my BMI according to the Wii Fit. Surprisingly few calories are burned when 90 percent of your day is spent sleeping or watching movies.
But all good things come to an end, and I think I was actually ready. Not excited. Not like "yay, it's the first day of school and I hope I get a good locker/homeroom kind of ready, but, lets say, prepared. Last night, I packed my gym bag, measured out oatmeal for breakfast each day, updated my diet spread sheet, and even poured my water for the morning. I hunkered down with my new book (second of the year already! Of course, I won't have that kind of time for a while...). I read, I slept, I got up. And carpe diem, I went out there and said "World, gimme whacha got!" (Sidebar: I'm not too good wit' spellin' out the slang...)
Normally, I return from a vacation to find 15 messages on the phone, like a bazillion emails, and even a few faxes from the old-timers. Also, there tend to be things piled on my chair. These represent things that other people have done for me while I was busy lounging, or things that I must do immediately upon return. I had two items today - one something someone had done for me, and another I thought someone had done for me. I filed these items in my recycling bin, and was reminded via exclamation point infested email with bold red text that it most certainly had not been done for me. I was pretty close to getting the ALL CAPS email. No harm done, by the way. Some people just get a little nutty with the punctuation.
Returning to my awesomeness:
1. I actually ate my oatmeal. Normally, I bring it and then fill up on sugar laden coffee all morning. By lunch I am, of course, ravenous, and not all that interested in the sensible meal I packed for myself. I then follow my nose to the nearest burrito joint. (Sidebar 2: They are putting in a Chipolte across the street - which increases quantity of burrito joints within walking distance to TWO. This has potential for my demise. And rumors are circulating that an Arby's is soon to follow. Can you say Jamocha shake? My demise is imminent.)
2. I actually walked at lunch. Often, I look at the clock and see lunchtime began 15 minutes ago, and then I see the daily sudoku waiting for a supergenius such as myself to begin filling in the blanks. I then take my puzzle with me as I follow my nose to the nearest burrito joint.
3. I remembered to run errands, such as to the bank, to the store, and to the pharmacy for the prescriptions I ordered a week ago. Many times, these mundane tasks are penciled in for "later" because I would rather enjoy my puzzle at the burrito joint.
4.Normally, I begin a task only find that I had accomplished nothing despite being very busy for 8 hours. Today, I was the epitome of efficiency. I do not expect this nugget of efficiency to last, though my method was effective: if I thought of something to do while in the middle of something else, I wrote it down. Duh.
5. I added "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Quantum of Solace" to my Netflix queue. The ability to add movies to the queue while they are still in the theater is not a new feature of the site, just something I have been kicking myself for not doing each time I receive something like "Monty Python's And Now For Something Different". Never heard of it, you say? There's a reason for that. I have one o' my blogging peeps to thank for the reminder, since she wrote a review of the Button movie as her post. (I added Hamlet 2 also.) Unfortunately, I just don't feel movies are worth the uber-expensive experience in the theater unless they are action-packed or full of cool special effects. And even when they do meet the criteria (i.e. Quantum of Solace), we are often too busy to make it there. (Sidebar 3: While searching for the Bond movie, I found collections of "Quantum Leap" on DVD. Ahh, Scott Bakula, so under-rated. Need I tell you that these also found their way to my queue?)


Mel said...

Okay, are you just an alternate version of me living in Baltimore? Not only did your ass-kicking day sound a lot like mine (I went to bed with a smile on my face as I realized I had not snacked on anything unhealthy all day!!!), but your love of Scott Bakula is shared here in Illinois. Sam Beckett -- sooooo dreamy!!!! (And when he sings? Don't even get me started!)

CaraBee said...

Good for you on your productive day. I wish I had two burrito joints within walking distance. Of course, I would drive and then weigh 300 pounds, but who cares, I get my naked veggie burrito with cheese, guacamole and mild salsa EVERY DAY.