Thursday, January 8, 2009

Carrying a Concealed Umbrella

Yesterday, I took my (ahem) "daily" lunchtime walk, when a cop car came driving toward me. I am not sure all people feel uncomfortable when passing a cop, but I do. My mind begins to race: should I look at him? Should I look away? Do I look guilty? Why should I look guilty? I am not committing a crime...unless "carrying a concealed umbrella is a crime." Hahahahah, my inner self nervously laughs. The car passes. I opt for "smile and look", and his window is down. He looks a bit like the cop in the beginning of Terminator 2, who turns out to be an evil Terminator sent to destroy sweet Ah-nold. I wonder if I was just passed by a police impersonator. And I make a mental note to google "carrying a concealed umbrella" when I return to the office. Hey, it beats work.

Phew! Carrying a concealed umbrella does not appear to be a crime based on my extremely extensive 10 minute research.

However...the umbrella can be used as a weapon. Oh yes. In fact, a company actually markets an umbrella specifically designed to beat the tar out of a watermelon. So don't say you've never learned anything on my blog...

...unless you already knew that. I will be wary the next time I see a cop holding an umbrella in broad daylight.

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Danielle Mari said...

Haha!!! I feel exactly the same way. My friends and I used to shout, "COP!!! EVERYONE ACT NATURAL!" when we would find ourselves sharing the road with an officer. Then everyone had to make silly faces, wave their hands in the air, and shout like Pee Wee Herman used to shout when someone said the word of the day.