Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Soup for You!

I was just sittin' here killin' time because "my stories*" aren't on yet.  I decided to check on the ole' facebook page, mostly out of boredom, when one of those targeted ads off to the side got me. 

I hate those ads, and I hate them even more when I am tempted to click on them.  I know they use "cookies" and my internet history and keywords to determine what I might like.  What I find frightening is how danged accurate they are.  I often get ads for Phish related paraphernalia (tickets and CD's of course - what are YOU thinkin?), cooking related gizmos, and books by Stephen King.  I also get a lot of things about sustainable buildings and structural engineering books and I'm all "Ha, ha.  I have no interest in that when I am in my PJ's and not at work!!  You don't know me, Man!"  And then I start getting Weight Watchers ads as if even my computer needs to remind me that I could stand to lose a few pounds.  It probably heard me talking about the (shh!) Netbook I plan to buy.

Today's ad was from Victoria's Secret, implying that by a simple click of my mouse I would be re-directed to a site where I could buy (drum roll...) Penn State underwear!  This combines my love of unmentionables with my joy of buying overpriced crap that happens to have a Penn State logo on it!  How could I resist?

Well, I was sorely disappointed.  Not only does clicking on the "exclusive Pink collegiate collection" website take one to a general ad listing all universities, the model in the ad is wearing Michigan clothing.  Also, when one does get to the Penn State page, one finds that A) the stuff is not Pink and B) it is not underwear.  In fact, one finds the exact same stuff to be found at any Penn Sate clothing store on campus, and it costs an arm and a leg (just like at any Penn State clothing store on campus).

That's OK.  It is perhaps for the best that I do not have underwear that says "WE ARE" across the back...

* Umm...yeah.  That would be "Criminal Minds", the crime show...


Katie said...

Those targeted ads are too accurate for their own good. They just show me stuff I already own

Out of My Mind said...

I just click the x and then offensive. But I do leave the ones I MAY be interested in some cold & snowy day (I haven't had the guts to click on any of them yet).

I just learned about labels and have added them to all of my blogs. I have had more people looking and added a couple of more lookers in Europe?????? Weird huh!

osest, kiddo (I'm going to start using those word verifications as sign offs. I think they are funny!)

jamie said...

they do have underwear!!!