Friday, April 10, 2009

Surviving in a Bagel-Free Environment

If you recall, one of my first missions at my new workplace was to figure out the free donut situation. However, I decided to postpone this endeavor to next Friday, because today, I had plans to visit Andy Nelson's Barbecue with a friend at lunch. Vegetarians beware: the official slogan at Andy Nelson's is "Hogs smell better barbecued." Even I think it's a bit too graphic for comfort.
Not only does Andy serve up one tummy growler of a sandwich (I'm thinking of it right now), they have an extensive list of side dishes which includes, but is not limited to: baked beans, potato wedges, coleslaw, dirty rice, and the best of all, cornbread. As Homer Simpson would say, "Gahhh," (drool dripping from mouth), "Barbeque..." So, do I sound a bit enthusiastic? Excited? I was. I began thinking hungrily of lunch time around 10:30am.

I called my friend at 11:48am, amazed at my exemplary ability to wait without mauling the snack machine. (This could be because I do not actually remember which floor the machine is on...) She says she is not super hungry (she has thoroughly researched the dounts), and since it is Lent, she could probably only get the catfish. "Catfish?" I think. "That sounds good too!" Of course, as a recovering Catholic, I was aware that this is a Friday during Lent. And not just any Friday, it is GOOD Friday. I am pretty sure it is a mortal sin to eat meat on a Friday, but I think it is even mortal-er to eat meat on Good Friday. So I understood. *
I suggested that we go someplace else as dreams of Carmine's pizza begin formulating in a bubble over my head. Just as I am about to drool thinking, "Gaaaahh....margarita pizza with fresh basil....", she says, "Actually, I think I'm gonna work through lunch." We decided to go to Andy's next week, and instead, we went for a half hour walk.

I am SO good! We even walked semi-briskly!

This gave me full validation to hit up a (closer) pizza place after our walk.

....And then the Dunkin' Donuts. (I got a Coolatta with Skim Milk, but I seriously doubt it makes much difference....)

*For you non-Catholics out there:
  • Lent is the 40 days between Marti Gras and Easter. During that time, you are not supposed to eat meat on Friday, and you are supposed to challenge yourself in some way that will improve you - like you decide not to swear, or to excersize daily. I would not suggest both, as it only takes one embarrassing mis-step during an aerobics class before self improvement goal #1 is out the window.
  • Fish is not a meat. I don't know why.
  • There are two types of sin - mortal sin and venal sin. Mortal sins are the ultra-bad ones like not going to church on Sunday or killing your mother (apparently equal in the eyes of the church). Venal ones are the not so bad ones like...hmm...I think it's safe to assume everything is a mortal sin.

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CaraBee said...

I had a cheesesteak for dinner. I am definitely going straight to hell.