Sunday, April 26, 2009

March for Babies

I have many friends who have wonderful, healthy children. I also have three friends who have had a total of five premature babies. Luckily, two of those babies are now rambunctious four year old twins with adorable blond curls and an affectation (as is the "in" thing among their age group) for Disney princesses. Another one of those babies (pictured left) is now just over a year old, and a rampant Phillies fan (though I think her Dad may have something to do with that...)

The other two babies were born last week after 29 weeks of development in the womb. Due in July, they were born on April 16th! These little girls are tiny (both under three pounds!!) and life is a struggle, but thanks to organizations like March of Dimes, outlooks for newborns of this size are improving every day. I could go on and on with heartwarming stories about kids like this, but a picture says it best: how could I not support an organization that brings such (bundles of) joy to so many? Please consider supporting the March for Babies. It is a good cause. I hope to post pictures of two more little girls next year!!

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Jessica said...

I think this is so wonderful. I also have friends whose twins were born premature and are marching this weekend with the support of many other friends of ours. The girls are now a year old and doing well :)