Saturday, April 4, 2009

Starting Anew

I arose bright and early on Friday to go back to work. I semi-randomly chose 7am as my wake up time, and 8am as my target time for arrival at the office. Umm...yeah, this is because I had never thought to ask what time I should be there. It suppose it was a minor detail...

The commute will not be too bad in the future. I still have a few alternate route trickery up my sleeve which needs some field testing, but I would have made it there on (assumed) time. Would have? Yes, for the first time ever, I heard the traffic report state that there was a car crash in Cockeysville. The intersection was one I had never heard of...but I was displeased to find it was directly on my route (this would be the part that has no alternatives available). Grr...of all the days! (Oh, perhaps I should mention here that the accident was totally not serious. It looked to me like both cars could have easily resolved their issues elsewhere instead of blocking traffic. Point being that I am not insensitive enough to be angry about being two minutes late while someone has to be pried from a car with the jaws of life or anything. Side note - when I went to Catholic school, we were taught to say a "Hail Mary" when an ambulance passed...and even though I don't believe that mumbo-jumbo anymore, I figure it couldn't I still say the prayer. I hope it doesn't count against them now that I am an infidel...)

Me: two minutes late.
Everyone else in my department: 20 minutes late (and yes, 8am was the correct assumed starting time.)

So, my first half hour of my first day was spent waiting. For someone. Anyone. To show me where I sit. (And as it turns out, my name is on my cubical wall...) On the bright side, this was very easy work, and allowed me to scope out the donut situation. I noted at least three people who entered the building with donuts clearly meant for a crowd. Next step - determine names and locations of donut-bearers, and seek out the crullers!

The rest of the day was mostly spent working. How dull. My true orientation, with the signing of the papers and the filling of the forms, is Monday.

On the way out of the parking lot at 5pm, a rainbow was clearly visible. Yeah, yeah, I know I don't believe in mumbo-jumbo...but it was pretty and calming nonetheless.


Danielle Mari said...

Am I stupid? (Ok- don't answer that.) I totally missed you finding a new job. I SORTA suspected when I saw that you and Adam were house-hunting. (Word to the wise DO NOT start watching all those freaking addictive "House Hunter" and "Flip That House" shows... My Hubby had to stage an intervention to ween me from them when we were house hunting.) Well congrats! Did this necessitate you moving to the West Coast?

NICKI said...

My new job began with drug testing - check out "Day 14 - Emissions Testing" for more details :)

And no...we are staying in Baltimore - 'tis a city that's grown on me.