Friday, October 9, 2009


Unfortunately, the whole "working for a living" thing I got goin' on has seriously infringed on my blog-reading time. Though I've gone to the Mobbies site to vote for Land of Bean daily (do it now!), I haven't had the 37 hours necessary to read the other blogs. Today is the last day for the voting, and I do have a few hours to kill, so I checked out the "humor" section which only has seven entries. All I can say is: I totally got this next year.

You: Maybe you just think you are funnier than you actually are?

Me: I do not actually consider this a "humor" blog, but I imagine the competition doesn't consider themselves humor writers either. "Humor" appears to be a great spot for us "Miscellaneous" blogs that happen to amuse our Constant Readers on occasion. And by the way? Shut up. I didn't ask you anyway.

So, let's take a look at this "competition", shall we?

There's one site that appears to be totally devoted to making fun of the outfits worn by a local weather girl. The posts are amusing, but rather repetitive, as you can imagine. The funniest thing about it is that apparently the weather girl has been replaced in the last two weeks or so. The station now has a weather man who wears a suit every day. The blogger has been writing amusing posts about issuing missing person reports and the un-funniness of Men's Warehouse suits, but I suspect the site will wither and die if this chick isn't found. Even if she is found, I think I could win out over such a limited topic.

Speaking of limited topics, another site, aptly titled "Bags In Trees", features nothing but pictures of bags. In trees. While the premise is funny, it is still just bags (in trees). I think I could win out for creativity. Dude, I live my blog. I don't walk around waiting for litterbugs and thunderstorms.

Next: A site about comics. The comics? Sometimes funny, sometimes not. Writing about the miscalculation of "Family Circus" character ages when converted to days? Well...kind of funny. The site probably appeals more to people who actually write/draw cartoons for a living. I? Hell, I appeal to the masses, yo. Wait, I mean "Heck". Sorry, masses.

There is a very amusing blog apparently written by a Towson University student called "Your A Idiot". This was my vote for (this year's) Mobbie because the posts are well written. But - the author has chosen to show only the first paragraph of the post on the main page and the reader must click on the title to read the full post. I, for one, find this annoying. Also, the posts are dated about two months apart, on average. Again, I win out based on quantity, if not quality. If this dude steps it up, though, I could be toast. Hopefully he is taking computer science classes because I happen to know a TU professor who will be able to give him extra work, thereby winning me a Mobbie because he will have no time to write and I use run-on sentences infrequently thus making me the better blogger. (Not that I even know what winning a Mobbie entails...probably I just get invited to spend $30 on an awards dinner that better have an open bar so help you lord.)

There were three other entries, but trust me, I am better than all of them. Or I am just more amusing to myself than I am to others.

Whatever, man.

PS: I also checked out some of the competition for Land of Bean in the "Family" category, and it is tough! There are a few professional bloggers - like, who write books and stuff. But no lie? She is really and truly better than them. Trust me.

PPS - Thank goodness Jen Lancaster doesn't live in Maryland. Because her blog? Is hysterical and would totally beat me. This questioning thing I do? It's totally stolen from her.


Jenni Jiggety said...

Jen Lancaster's books are crack me up!

CaraBee said...

How sweet are you! I looked around at quite a few blogs that were nominated. Some were really awesome, some not so much. I'm not sure exactly what the award ceremony will be. I think it is at a gallery and will probably just be a cash bar cocktail party. Woo.

And Jen Lancaster is freaking awesome. Did I mention I met her. And she hugged me. Yeah, I never get tired of telling people that.