Monday, October 26, 2009

Buying Used Pads

Based solely on the contents of my closet, one might think I am actually good at sports.  Over the past few years, I have joined several sports and social teams, with an emphasis on the social.  In fact, the motto of one such organization here in Baltimore is just that: "For people who like sports, but love to socialize."  These teams have been a great way for me to pursue my own interests while learning to navigate in the city, and, you know, to make friends. 

However, I also own the following items:

- a mountain bike, including all accessories (the special shoes, the special sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, the helmet, the gloves, and, of course, the spandex shorts which Adam calls his "mood pants".)
- swimming cap, goggles, and various types of chlorine reducing shampoos which doe not seem to do a dang thing.
- yoga mat, with special ($10) strap for easy transport.
- boxing gloves and boxing wraps (with spare pair of wraps in my glove compartment for when I rush to the gym sans equipment.
- cleats (purchased after an unfortunate nose crushing incident wherein I slipped on muddy turf during a football game.)
- hiking shoes and water pack for on the back.
-tennis rackets and balls, purchased on a whim and used in our complex's tennis courts a total of one time.

I am tired of paying sporting good store prices for equipment I only occasionally use (except the bike). So when I was told I need knee and elbow pads to play broomball, I was a tad annoyed.  I went to Play It Again Sports to buy used pads (thinking all the while of sweaty behind the knee areas of other humans...)  They did not have them, so to Target I went.  Unfortunately, not many adults (apparently) need such equipment.  So I bought the "youth" size thinking this would be for a 14 year old.  The size of the pads appeared to cover my knees, so I figured it would be safe.  I am still somewhat the same height and knee-size as I was then, right?  Right.


My thighs?  Just a tad bigger than they were when I was 14.  When I say tad, I mean I was not even remotely able to connect the ends of velcro above the knee.  As safety equipment, these are, of course, non-returnable.

Thank goodness they sell velcro in the fabric section.  A little manipulation, and I am all set.  I'll let you know how broomball goes.

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Tiffany said...

Do you ever do things the easy way?