Saturday, October 3, 2009


My oft-mentioned blog writing inspiration, Carabee, has been nominated for the "Maryland's Outstanding Blog" award - that's a "Mobbie" to you and me. As a huge fan of her excellent writing, her fun with customized layouts, and her ability (obsession??) with posting pretty much daily on Land of Bean, I have dutifully gone to the official site to vote for her in both the "Family" section, and the "Best Overall Blog" section. This can be done once a day until October 9th, and requires you to enter your email address for free registration to the Baltimore Sun website, but heck, she is worth it. Good luck, Carabee!

While voting, you will see that there are a lot of other interesting (and not so interesting) categories: Foodie, Music and Nightlife, Politics, Neighborhood, Humor, Sports (even broken down into specifics for Baltimore and Maryland teams), Entertainment, Photography and more, including the ever popular "Miscellaneous". While some of these appeal to me very little, I decided I should check out some of the other categories and pick a winner. After all, it is absolutely gorgeous outside, not a cloud in the sky and humidity-free. What better way to spend it than sitting in front of a computer screen?

I started with the Foodie section and was happy to learn that there is more than one site dedicated to Baltimore Beer. This is something I myself had hoped to do one day (after all, what better excuse to drink than to say "It's for the Blog"?) But, as with many things, it's a whole heck of a lot easier when someone else does it. I added a link to one of the sites on my own in the "Blogs I Follow" section and crossed that item off the to do list.

I then found that reading about food makes a gal wanna eat.

After a mozzarella cheese and tomato snack, I settled down to read. Dang, what a hard decision! There's a guy whose site is dedicated to bacon, a gal who writes about pizza, a few recipe-centric ones, and a bunch that post about Baltimore events. One thing I can say is that I will be more informed about the places to go in the city. While I liked a few others, I voted for 990 Square which was amusing, stuck to the topic, and gave me a great idea for the eggplant that's rotting in my fridge. I really liked the Bacon Blog - Ministry of Bacon: spreading the gospel of all things bacon. Unfortunately, I don't like bacon a whole lot. I am now totally inspired to write more about food since I found out that this could be a way of getting more food for free. I love me some free food, and pretty much all free stuff in general.

There were 21 "Foodie" nominees, and I didn't feel qualified to vote unless I read them all. So that thing I said earlier? About sitting inside on this gorgeous day? I think I changed my mind. I'll definitely be going back to the Mobbie site though. I wanna check out some more competition, uhh, I mean, colleagues, and I gotta vote for Land of Bean again!


CaraBee said...

Thank you so much for voting!! I really, really appreciate it! Not to mention the super nice things you said about my little blog. You're right, though, it is an obsession. I definitely spend way too much time on it. It's a labor of love.

I knew a few of the other nominated blogs before, but I have been working my way through many of the others, in particular those about food. Because that is one of my favorite things. There is some good stuff out there, for sure. The Ministry of Bacon cracks me up. As the wife of a devout bacon addict, it hits pretty close to home. Not the worst way to spend a lovely fall afternoon.

Beth said...

Nicki, I'm glad you enjoyed 990 Square! And I hope that eggplant turned out for you :-)