Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 5 - Remember the 90's?

I am in Seattle! As I wait for Mr. Sleepyhead to get his patoot out of our lovely king size bed at the Hyatt, allow me to relate our travel day.

We awoke bright and early at 5am, and apparently took a stupid pill instead of vitamins. By 6:38am, we arrived (late) to my sister's house where she was waiting to take us to the airport before she went to work. (God love her.) We loaded up the car with almost everything - our suitcases, and Adam's carry-on made the trip. We decided to leave my carry-on in the back of my Cavalier in Baltimore. I realized this in a panic at the airport, thinking my wallet was in there. But luckily, my wallet did make the trip. No, I did not technically need anything in the bag for the trip - I only needed it to make me happy. Among my things to pass the time on the plane, it included a few pieces of fruit and some nuts for our breakfasts. Those bananas will be just delicious after four days in a car...
Next step, the check-in. Note that at this point, I am decidedly UNhappy. Adam checked in without too much trouble, though he nearly upgraded to first class for $150. However, the computer did not find me, and we were forced to ask the angry people at the front desk to help us. Actually, they were just on the border between rude and polite - they helped us, but they made it clear that if we were beings of average intelligence, we would have been able to do this ourselves. I also learned at this time that baggage checks now cost extra money. Yet, you are not allowed to take a carry-on with more than 3.5 ounces of fluid, so those of us with contacts are screwed. Even the trial size bottle holds 4 ounces. I had planned on the check-in due to the liquid, but I had not planned on the $15 fee. Remember the 90's? This used to be free!
Step number 3, the security check point. We proceed to the nearest terminal gate, and wait in line for about 30 minutes. At the front, we are told that we have waited in the wrong line. This is when I begin to wonder if perhaps the non-angry angry people at the front desk may have had a point. It said right on the ticket - gate C9, and we had waited in line for the D terminal. A brisk 5 minute walk to terminal C, where the line was only about 10 minutes long.
At gate C9, they are boarding the plane. I would have to wait about 3 hours to eat at the St. Paul airport, unless I got something at the nearest eatery. Adam thought it would be quick, and encouraged me to get something, since I tend to be unpleasant company without food in my belly. It was not quick.
The place was a bit understaffed, and it took about a bazillion years to get a bowl of oatmeal and a coffee. A man came running through the terminal with his bags trailing behind him. He stood in the boarding line, gasping for breath as the agent pulled up his boarding pass and instructed him (almost rudely) about where to put his oversized luggage. We were behind him.
Finally we boarded the plane with breakfast in hand. Remember the 90's? Food used to be supplied on the plane - for no additional cost!
In St. Paul I perused the Sudoku books with $4 in hand, which I felt would be sufficient for my purchase. Not. Every book cost $5.99. I picked up a USA Today for $1 - there is one Sudoku and a crossword puzzle, which would have to do. As I tried to pay, I got a phone call, but I did not answer because I think it is a bit rude to answer a call while you are trying to pay. Turns out I got a job offer! This was good news indeed, but as I called the guy back, I heard my name over the loudspeaker. I had to hang up, and I didn't get the specifics. Grr. But at least we got our seats changed so we could sit together.
In Seattle, our intelligence returned. Perhaps this was because we had eaten breakfast and consumed massive amounts of coffee by this time. While looking at the bus map, a man overheard us saying we need to get downtown, and pointed to a bus which was just pulling up. We hopped on, and another man told us which stop to get off on. We got off, walked two blocks to our hotel, and we were parked at our room in the Grand Hyatt - with view of the Space Needle - in no time. It was then that I found out there is no continental breakfast. Perhaps rich people are not aware that practically every other hotel chain has a breakfast! You do not need to pay $9.00 for a bowl of oatmeal! I expect you rich folks to work on that by the next time someone pays for me to sleep in one of your fancy hotels.

The bathrooms are cool though.

Well, I gots to find me some vittles, lest I wither and die. On to new adventures!


CaraBee said...

Yeah, I seem to remember that flying was fun back in the day. Not so much anymore. I never fly anything but Southwest these days, which is quite a bit better than most of the domestic airlines. No checked baggage fees and the employees are generally nice-ish. Congrats on the job offer and have fun in Seattle!

Danielle Mari said...

That's why God made little purple I-Don't-Care pills. Though they, admittedly, make you really stupid.
Congrats on the job offer! Let's hope you have a few to entertain :D
And if you DO end up in Seattle, will it be in time to catch Phish at the Gorge in August?

Maureen said...

I love a hotel with a luxurious bathroom.