Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 1

There is so little time in a day. And so much time at night.

My first stop after losing my job was a trip to the liquor store. Is this bad? I am not sure. But it is the truth, for Monday is my night to cook for my sister and me. We have read that a glass of wine is healthy for a long life. There is a catch though - only red wine seems to reap these benefits. So we came up with

a plan.

Simple really: we decided to "taste" as many red wines as possible, until we have acquired the required pallets which might deem this desirable drink drinkable. This plan has, thus far, been working fabulously. That first glass goes down a bit harshly, but the second is much smoother. By glass number 3, we seem to develop a wonderful euphoria which makes us wish to consume a 4th glass. It is around this time we decide that perhaps, just maybe, we are canceling out our red wine benefits. Shortly after that, we decide we do not care. Incidentally, we do not, at that particular moment, care about much of anything. And on a day like yesterday, that is a very good thing indeed.

I refrained from further wine because I had to go to the office and pack up my many many things. Even with Adam as a helper, the process took over an hour, and we filled his entire car with the books, photos, and knicknacks I had lovingly placed in my home away from home for all these years.

Then came

the night.

I laid awake for hours. I dozed. I woke again. A short nap before morning. I watched the sun rise. I figure I got about 4 hours, not necessarily in a row. My head was throbbing, my nose was stuffy. Crying for approximately 6 hours (with breaks for wine drinking euphoria) will do that to a person.


I emailed pretty much everyone I knew today. I talked to friends and family. I filed for unemployment. I made room in my closet for my books. I petted a very happy pussy cat who was elated to have a lap to sit upon. I lost track of time, and was late meeting a friend for dinner. Some things never change.

I am afraid of

the night.

But I think it will be better than the last one, thanks to all your well wishes, Constant Readers. Keep those comments coming!


Danielle Mari said...

Wow. What a pile of suck!!! I'm so sorry to hear that you're the latest victim of the recession.... Warm vibes your way! And enjoy the downloads....

Mel said...

I understand the night. When I'm stressed out or worried, it's always the nights that get me. Eventually, they get easier.

CaraBee said...

I totally feel you, I have the worst time at night. After Neil is snoozing quietly next to me and after I have turned off the light because for sure I should be falling asleep now. Forward 2-3 hours of staring at the ceiling while my brain worked like the little wheel in a gerbil cage.

I haven't really been able to drink, though, for TWO YEARS. So savor a glass of that sweet nectar for me, please.