Monday, December 22, 2008

The Best Time to Do Anything...

...Is T-o-m-o-r-r-o-w, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!

A short list of the things I have decided to do tomorrow:
1. Finish laundry - includes folding and putting away laundry currently in dryer; folding and putting away laundry that will be dry tomorrow; putting away laundry that was folded approximately 2 weeks ago but which remains in basket. If time, I may even put one (or dare I say two?) more loads in the washer.
2. Empty dishwasher which was run three days ago.
3. Put dishes which have piled up outside of dishwasher into emptied dishwasher. If time, wash evil, non-dishwasher safe dishes.
4. The litter box. For the love of God, the litter box.
5. Wrap gift for grandmother, which finally arrived today thanks to snafu with online ordering. (Phew, I had given up on that!)
6. Purchase (and wrap?) three more Christmas gifts.
7. Catch up on Mel and Danielle's blogs. (Sorry, girls. I been busy. Luckily, I see that you are too, only you have better excuses for not blogging, like "coaching speech team", and "rehearsing/performing play". I have: "playing Wii", and "sleeping".)

That's doable, right?

Things I have decided to do tonight:
1. Write blog.
2. Transfer wet laundry to dryer after removing (but not folding - that is for tomorrow!) laundry. Mind you, this is strictly due to potential for stinkiness of wet laundry, and not due to actual desire to complete this task.
3. Read my book and turn in early.

(In my own defense: I went to my fifth and final Bikram session after work. And I have a urinary tract infection. Again.)

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CaraBee said...

I would blame the UTI on the Bikram and never go again. Problem solved.