Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Success Has a Price


In MAY (yes, that was 5 months ago), I made a "birthday wish list" on Amazon. (Feel free to peruse this at your leisure, Constant Reader, for the Holidays are fast approaching.) One of the items on my list was an unexplainably expensive gym bag called the "Everything Fits Gym Bag by Gaiam". This sucker costs $50, but it looks nice - simple black design, very chic. And, according to the many reviews, it is aptly named: everything fits. This is the primary flaw of my current bag (a free duffle given out at an Orioles game). In the winter, I wear work clothes to the gym, and pack the following: sneakers, socks, sports bra, two tee shirts (one to change into after my workout), shorts, and sweat pants. I also have shower gear. Frankly, I could probably just head out for the weekend if I were in a pinch. Only I cannot, generally, zip my bag all the way.

I was aware that my friends and family, though they of course adore me (who wouldn't?), would not be likely to purchase this bag for me. So I decided I would make it a reward for reaching one of my weight loss goals. It would have to be a big goal though, for I too have a cheap side that is outraged at the cost. Not only does TJ Maxx have gym bags for $10 which look big enough, the cost is literally infinitely more than the cost of my current bag - if you believe infinity exists of course (that's for you math majors out there). But this bag also looks good! Oh, the turmoil! My practical side and my fun side engage in an unending battle of the brains!

OK, so the goal I came up with seemed relatively simple: meet my calorie goals (1600 calories or less per day) for 4 weeks in a row. And here we are. In the month of September, I finally accomplished my goal. (Yes! I know I made the goal in MAY, and that was 5 months ago! Geesh!)

I got the bag in the mail on Saturday. It cost $60, and I don't know if I simply misremembered the price or if it went up in the FIVE freaking months it took for me to reach my stupid goal. AND, it is not eligible for "Amazon free shipping" so it cost $70 in the end. Whatever...

On the bright side: Everything Fits! And it looks nice! And I love it!



Mel said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal! You go, girl!!!

And now I'm skipping off to amazon to check out this amazing bag. I am a bag freak, and this bag is calling my name.

Shhhhhh, bag, I'm coming!

CaraBee said...

Good for you! I'm working on getting down under 3000 calories a day. Its been hard. And really, while $70 is a tad pricey for a gym bag, think how much you saved in food!