Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have oft admired the profile pictures of my fellow bloggers. However, I have noted that few people choose a boring old picture of themselves. Apparently, this approach would be rather uninspired. To name a few - Mel uses a picture of the Fraggle of the same name, and Maureen (who is living in New Zealand) uses the New Zealand flag. Danielle uses a picture of an eye. (I am most jealous that she thought of this before I did!) At my cousin Shanon's wedding, Adam was kind enough to take a picture of me, smiling with my other cousin Jamie. He took forever to take the photo, and we were both holding our smile for way longer than we should. Then, the smart-ass shows us the pic:

This is me. A bit too close for my liking.

Anyway, Carabee comes closest to a picture of herself, but she uses a baby picture. Perhaps a clever commentary - her blog is most often about her baby, but focuses on how she is experienceing the world (of parenting) for the first time just as she did when the picture was taken. Or maybe she just likes the photo. I don't know.
Point being, I needed likeness to represent. So today I went to South Park Studio and created my own little me. Aren't I cute?


CaraBee said...

I like the eye one. Its a little 1984, but cool.

Danielle Mari said...

Tee hee.... and I always suspected my eye was really stupid. I just was timid about putting my image out there, so I chopped-n-shopped my head shot to eke out the eye. Glad you like it :D