Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Counting Sheep is So Old Fashioned

Argh. I'm Sick. Yes, that's a capital S. I even stayed home from work yesterday, for the first time ever in all the years I have been out of school. But I guess I did too much - I had a ton of dishes and knicknacks from my grandmother's apartment to clean, and I had to get groceries because we had no food. (I ate a grilled cheese roll, slightly moldy, for lunch. The roll actually worked out pretty well - and don't worry, I am pretty sure I picked all the mold off.)
Anyway, this morning, I felt pretty good. But by midafternoon, I found myself wondering if I was actually walking in slow motion, of if it just felt like I was. By late afternoon, I was tiptoeing through the office, hoping to soften my steps, for every one caused sharp pains in my teeth and head. As I left the office, it was apparent that I was actually walking in slow motion. I can't imagine how I'd feel without medication.
So here I am now, blogging myself to sleep.

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