Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Your Legs Week 2

Lets start with the stats.  I need to rip those babies off like a sticky band aid on a hairy arm.

Bust: 39.5" (minus 1.5 inches)
Waist:  34" (same)
Hips:  44" (minus 1 inch)
Left Leg:  25.75" (minus 3/4 inch)
Right Leg:  25.5" (minus 1 inch)

So I seem to have lost most of me in the boobs.  That figures.  But the legs and hips are also whittling away, so I suppose I should just be content.  I guess I can always stuff with tube socks, right?

Now for the other stat, and I should warn you that I do not believe the result.  It is just too incredible.  The Wii official, for the first time ever, played fireworks and threw little flowers across the screen, because I had reached my goal weight.

Weight:  174.8 lb (minus 7.7 lb)

This is not likely to be right, because I have not been starving my self, nor did I have a stomach flu.  (Last time I tracked weight loss, I got a bug and threw up for a day.  This was followed by a day of not eating, and I lost 3.5 lb.)  I would be lying if I said I prefer months of planning and conscientious calorie counting over one day of misery once in a while...

Anyway, I think my last weigh-in was with shoes.  So I went and got my shoes and tried to go again, but the Wii only weighs you once a day.  Luckily, I also weighed our little kitty, Flower, last week.  The vet tells me she already shows signs of obesity, though she is still a kitten.  Poor thing, I know how she feels.

So I tainted her stats with my shoe weight of 1.7 lb.  I am pretty sure she will get fireworks and flowers for her next weigh in.

So, somehow, miraculously, I lost 6.0 lb.

I still think something is wrong with the Wii.  So I will wait for week 3 results before attempting a cartwheel in my tiny living room.


Shannon said...

Nicky, I read your blog all the time and never comment, because I am lazy and prefer you not to know about it. But I think it is ridiculous that you can't be excited about reaching your goal weight. You did it great job keep up the good work! And most of all stop the negative self talk. You did a great job and have lost inches so why not pounds too?! Keep pushing and loving your legs.


kt said...

WAY TO GO KIDDO! But, I would not try the cartwheel if I were you. Wouldn't want to put that smaller butt out of whack!....kt

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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