Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Low Can I Go?

I have never counted carbs before, choosing instead to subscribe to more all inclusive, but reduced calorie diets.  So I am surprised to learn what Ye Atkins Folk already knew: 40 grams of carbs in a day is, like, nothing.  I later noted through some astute research that the FDA 2000 calorie diet on most nutrition labels is providing carb percentages based on 300 grams.

Day #1 of Low Carb Intake was supposed to be Sunday.  It was short lived because I forgot and decided to get a Lite Mocha Latte on the way out of the grocery store, which I enjoyed with a chocolate chip cookie. 


My re-attempt was Wednesday.  It turned out to be successful, but I almost missed the mark with four cherry tomatoes.  These little gems, tossed innocently over my lunch salad, accounted for almost half my allowance.  When I got home, I checked over my meals to see if maybe, just maybe, I could have a beer?  The answer was a no, just by a few carbs. 

Breakfast and lunch are relatively easy.  Eggs for breakfast, no toast, but cheese is a-ok.  I had a lovely little recipe from the internet for lunch - tuna walnut salad over greens (with tomatoes...).  This was made with mayo and a little bit of cinnamon, plus some celery.  I brought just the ingredients, and mixed them all up at work.

Dinner takes some planning, and this is exactly what I hoped to avoid.  The main dish is easy - meat.  But side dishes are tough.  I knew potatoes and rice were out, and I was sadly out of salad and cottage cheese thanks to earlier meals.  I pulled a bag of mixed veggies from the freezer - peas, corn, carrots, and green beans.  I wasn't able to squeeze a full serving in, but I figured they would have to do.

Now for the hard part.  Thursday I had a meeting that would include free pizza, so I was going to have to do Friday for Day #2.  And dang it, I did everything I could to make sure that beer at the end of the day would be in my grasp!

Again, breakfast was no problem.  I had eggs with feta cheese, no toast.  Lunch, I was out of tuna and walnuts and celery, but had chicken and almonds, so I mixed up the mayo with cinnamon again, and plopped it into my bag.  I went to a meeting first thing, about an hour from the office, and returned just in time for lunch.  I wasn't really feeling the chicken salad, so I decided to get a salad at Wegmans and sit at a picnic table on a beautiful day.  I reached for my purse with the exact salad in mind - they call it a protein salad and it has tofu, almonds, and I think edamame on it.  I wouldn't know because I never got that salad.  Instead, I realized that my purse was still at the architect's office - just over an hour away.

In a direction exactly opposite of any direction I would normally head.

On a Friday.


I had to eat the chicken salad, and forgo the picnic table idea, since I would need to leave the office early.  I would have to work through lunch.


As I drove north I passed the exit for a friend's house.  If only it weren't during work hours, I could at least stop in and make this trip semi worthwhile....

I picked up the purse, sheepishly.  It is hard to look professional when you are me, I must say.  Ah well.  I got to the car and remembered my friend's office is closed on Friday afternoons.  They do 4 nine hour days, plus only 4 hours on Fridays.  So it wasn't a total waste.  I went to her place, had a few beers, blew the carb thing.

But I felt a lot better.

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Jonny said...

It's surprising how much counting your carbs or calories can restrict what you can eat.

Most of the tasty junk food has to be avoided, and even then it can still be difficult.
I feel your difficulty.