Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Are!

I was at Wal-Mart the other day, searching for superglue, when I found duct tape with the University of Maryland logo on it.  It was about a quarter of the size of the standard silver-gray rolls and four times the price.
  Thought #1:  That's freakin' retarded, who would buy such a thing?
Thought #2: I wonder if they have Penn State?
Yes, folks, it's football season.
Let the tailgates begin.


Marcia Baer said...

Yes,they do have Penn State duct tape and you know and love someone who would pay the price and did, Penn State is worth 4 times the price of the University of Maryland I think the uses for it are endless. And...the Gill Grill also has a new look this year. I'll send a picture so you can add it to your next post. WE ARE....

kt said...

Cool......I wonder if my son-in-law has found the U-Con tape yet!

And, like an idiot I erased a perfectly wonder comment on your last post when I clicked to write here.

I didn't do the word verification.....mannnnnn.