Friday, August 19, 2011

How i sPent me Sumer Vacayshun

It's me! Your old pal Daisy!  Well, I went on vacation too, you know.  You did not think my Adam and my Nicki would leave me all alone for a whole week by myself, do you?  And I am sure you know them well enough to know that they would not pay $26 a day for me to go to the yucky old vet, right?  That's why I got to go to beeutiful, historic, Westminster, Maryland, where my aminal friends, Basil and Sage, live.

I was a wee bit confused at first, you see.  Adam and Nicki left on a Friday, but only with enough food and stuff for the weekend, so I figured I had the house just for a day or two.  I called all my cat friends like usual, and we had our normal "the peeps is outta town" kegger.  The house was all cleaned up in time for them to get back, and then, in walks my Aunt Tiff.

She picked me up and tried to stuff me in my Kat Karrier, and I just HATE that thing.  I didn't know why Aunt Tiff, whose normally not so pushy, was tryin to take me to the vet, so I peed on her leg.  (Like I said, she really confused me, and I guess I am a little sorry, but really I hate the Kat Karrier, you know?  You probly woulda done the same thing.)

Anyway, after a super long and windy car ride, I ended up at her new apartment in Westminster.  The first thing I checked out was under the bed, and that's where my new friend, Sage the Cat stays.  Sage is a tall, dark, and handsome man-cat, I must say.  Meee-yow!  I figured I better growl and hiss at him a lot, just sose he'd know I was totally gonna play hard to get.  (It's a trick we gals have, it really drives a Tom wild.)  He was nice enough to let me stay in his place for a bit, but I figured I better let him have his space.  Besides, I really like lookin' out windowsills, and I'd never been to Westminster, so I wanted to check out all the cool old buildings and stuff.

I know, I know.  I was such a tourist.

Anyway, the service was pretty good.  Aunt Tiff still made me take a pill, and I tried to smack her around a bit, but you know, gosh darn it, I think she's actually pretty nice.  So I didn't use my claws or nuthin.  My meals got put right up there on the windowsill for me, and I really liked that.  One day I got a little tipsy, you know, and I sorta accidentally jumped on my food dish.  You know how it is on vacation.  But, like I said, the service was real good, and it got cleaned up.  Aunt Tiff never even said a word about it, so when I had to puke later - look, I was on vacation and livin it up - I decided to try this thing Nicki's always tryin to get me to do, and I puked in the litter box.  I don't know.  Aunt Tiff seemed to think that was cool, but I'll probably go back to puking in the hallway, or maybe right in the doorway.  I think Adam likes to clean it with his socks.  Why, as soon as he does it, he goes and gets a second pair so he can do it again!

Mostly my trip was spent sight seeing on the window sill, and at night, I got to run around and play with Basil and Sage.  They do this thing where they jump on the bed with Auntie T and Uncle E, and they play all night long!  It is so much fun!  I tried getting Nicki to play with me when I got back but she just rolled over and kept sleeping.  Humans don't seem to realize that the best sleeping time is in the afternoon with the sun to keep you warm.  Their loss, I say.

When it came time to come home, I had to ride in that icky Kat Karrier again.  Only this time, Uncle Eric put me inside.  I didn't pee on him, cause I was hoping to get a chance to pee and poop in his car.  Then he'd really understand not to put me in the carrier again.  Alas, I couldn't muster up a good poo, so I just puked.  Uncle Eric got the best of me though, he is one smart cookie.  He gave me a bath!!  Can you believe that!  Cats don't take baths! 

I am plotting my revenge.  I hope he gets white carpets in that new house of his.

But...I did have a fun summer vacation!  I can't wait until next year!

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