Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beach Babe

I am at the beach!  My sister moved to North Carolina last year, and some stuff happened, some other stuff didn't happen, and, well, long story short - she's moving back to Merry-land.  I have really missed her.

This week is a last hurrah for my sister's beach living.  She invited the family, and some of us were lucky enough to have the time and inclination to come.  So today, I spent a few hours in the sun.

Amazingly, I did not get burnt (much), caught drinking beer on the beach (the guy in front of us who really didn't want to dump his left in handcuffs), and I didn't get (much) salt in my eyes.  Of course, despite asking a cop about our questionable parking space, we got a parking ticket.


Out of My Mind said...

I used to live in Southern California and the thing I miss the most is the beach and all the stuff that goes with it.



Out of My Mind said...

Hey, the way you put an lol out of your comment....kt

MoCo said...

Hope y'all had fun in Wilmington!

Teddy Baer said...

From the driver of the ticketed vehicle... The police requested that the corporation who wrote the ticket, rescind the notice of violation. Guess what? They did!!
Also, the heavily tattooed drinkers on the beach were treated very very nicely by the cops... And fifteen minutes after the heat left, the beer was again cooling the crowd.