Sunday, June 26, 2011

Must. Eat. Lettuce. Must Eat Lettuce. Musteatlettuce.


In case you are wondering, that is what we are getting in this year's harvest.  The weather this spring must have been super great for lettuce, and it really looks wonderful.  We have had delicious, perfect heads of both red and green leaf lettuce, each week.  Most weeks, we have gotten two heads, supplemented by as much as 3/4 of a pound of a lettuce mix.  For those unaware - 3/4 pounds of lettuce fills a plastic grocery shopping bag nearly all the way.

We have gotten other things - radishes, blueberries, red raspberries, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, kale, rainbow chard, and scallions to name a few - but I have been successfully using each if these items before the next pick up.

I am way behind on the lettuce.  I finally managed to prep and tear up the last head of green leaf from last week's pick up.  Not actually use it, just prep it.

The current google search typed into my list is "lettuce uses" because I just can't get excited for salads.  I pack lettuce in my lunch box, and plan to have a large salad as the dinner meal.  But when it comes time to eat, I have routinely decided a take out burrito or large sub would be a more satisfying choice.

Unfortunately, my google search wasn't overly successful.  I found recipes for "lettuce soup", "brasied lettuce with peas and onions" (cooked chunks of lettuce), "braised zucchini and lettuce tart with tapenade", and "Asian chicken lettuce wraps". 

Lettuce soup sounds disgusting, and I thought the brasied lettuce had potential until I realized it would be cooked until mushy.  I guess I will make the lettuce wraps and endure the comments from my peanut gallery suggesting that fried won-tons would be better.  I would not disagree, but would pretend I did, so Shhhh!

I guess I will have to stick to salads...

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