Saturday, May 21, 2011


My loyal Constant Readers may remember my angst when deciding to move to a house with bathroom tiles the color of Easter eggs.  For the rest of you, have a look at this:

It is my original purple bathroom, complete with a cushy toilet seat donning embroidered pink and purple butterflies.  This bathroom is also the size of a tiny closet, and has only a three inch deep medicine cabinet for storage.

Before moving in, I was consumed (obsessed) with this bathroom.  Ripping out the tile was not possible on our budget and level of expertise, so I had to settle for finding the perfect paint and the ideal accessories to modernize this hideous pastel.

I decided black was the best bet and I went a-searchin for a shower curtain.  I spent approximately seven hours one Saturday, going to K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, and all the home stores in the mall, including Macy's (they had a sale and were only charging a leg that day.)

Seven hours.

Let that just sink in for a minute.


OK, so I decided upon a so-so shower curtain, mostly black, but with some gray highlights.  I went home, slightly elated, but not overly happy with my purchase.

The next day, I began a search for The Perfect Curtains, and found The Perfect Shower Curtain at Khols in approximately 30 seconds.  Why was I even in the bathroom department?

Anyway, The Perfect Shower Curtain was white with yellow flowers.  The flowers had black stems, and the center of the flowers were pastel purple that actually matched my tile.  The curtain sold for $60, the matching towels and bath mat were equally overpriced, as were the trash can, soap dish, and toothbrush holder.  I had already hung the not so perfect shower curtain, so I would not be able to return it.  I called my brother, who was also moving to a new place, so see if he would take it.  Unfortunately, my other sister had already hooked him up with a coordinated yet manly ensemble of blues, greens, and browns.

I could not justify replacing the curtain I had owned for one day with The Perfect (but expensive) Shower Curtain.  I did purchase some towels and the bathmat.

I find myself in the bathroom aisles of stores every time I go.


I never found gray towels when searching specifically for them, and now they are everywhere.  Black, too.


I have found shower curtains and themed wastepaper baskets that would look great in each of my pastel bathrooms, numerous times over.


I finally broke down and bought a similar shower curtain to "The Perfect One" when I needed a new bath mat.  The mat with the flowers looked nice in the store but it looked disgusting when it was wet.  I would clean it with a vacuum, and even ran it through the washing machine, but it always looked gross.  I grew tired of stepping on it with my bare feet on a daily basis. 

I got a black bath mat, and a white shower curtain with black and gray swirls on it.  It's pretty.  I decided I would hang it when the current curtain became yucky, and tucked it away.  I hoped this would cure me.


Two weeks ago, I found the soap dispenser in the purple bathroom in the sink, with a hole where Adam had dropped it.  Yay!! Time to get a new one!  And a trash can to match!


The new can and soap holder were in place before he even got out of the shower.  I thanked him for breaking the old one and invited him to break as much bathroom stuff as he liked.*  (Next up - the toilet bowl brush holder...)


In the back of my mind, I knew I should have bit the bullet and bought The Perfect Curtain back on that fateful day.  Maybe this was the reason I was drawn to bathroom accessories  But shower curtain stock seems to rotate, and I never saw that curtain again.  Until....last weekend!  Yay!

Ahhhhh.  Much better.  (Though I wish I had put the mouthwash away before taking this.)

* I should probably mention here that Adam blames me for the soap dispenser breakage, claiming I placed it close to the edge of the sink.  I swear this was unintentional.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really like it. I have had similar experiences and you know what you really want when you think of it this often. I am thinking some of the Japanesse decor you collected when you were there, could have a home in this bathroom, if you trust Adam not to re direct the placement of the breakables

Robert Miller said...

I think we actually have the smallest bathroom. It's in a closet. It is 2' x 4'. When I sit on the pot my knees almost hit the far wall! We have some bathroom redecorating to do as well, to paint over the hand-drawn let's-pretend-there-are-real-tile lines on the wall. Looking forward to it!

Out of My Mind said...

I am living in my parents house but it is in my name now. Their bathroom is putrid pink. PP bathtub, PP comode, PP sink, PP laminate counter tops with beige painted walls and laminate around the tub. It is a large bathroom but the PINK is really PUTRID....totally!

The wall paper is silvered beige with dark blue flowers and HOT pink buds. SO COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY!