Saturday, December 11, 2010

Diet, Week 2

So, ask me how the dieting thing is going.

C'mon.  I DARE ya.

(Chorus of Constant Readers)  HOW BAD IS IT??

It's bad.  It's gosh darnitall freakin' annoying, is what it is.

I don't think I had super crazy expectations.  I am not out to starve myself, just to be healthy. And to avoid purchase of size 13 pants.  I just want my Wii Fit to tell me that I am "normal" instead of "overweight."  Just ONCE.

So, I started up a spreadsheet and allotted myself meals for a week, with reduced caloric intake.  I had a birthday dinner to attend, which included a gallon sized sangria.  One cannot really plan for such things, but, well, I adjusted.  I went to the gym for an extra class that week, and I walked a bit longer at lunch.  I didn't get around to weighing myself until the end of the week, but when I did, I set a modest goal to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks.  Nothing nutty.  Just keepin' on keepin' on.  Right?

Wrong.  This past week I have had one beer after work.  One!

I had one serving of cookies when they put out a tin chock FULL of servings in the kitchen at work.  One!

I ate my stupid egg white omelets with kale, and my (actually delicious) turkey chili daily.

I went to the gym three times, and I went on walks at lunch every day despite it being 18 degrees out side.  Every.  Freakin. Day!!

And, I gained 0.2 pounds.

My Wii Fit informed me (after pointing out that I am overweight) that if I continue with my current pace, it will be very difficult to achieve my goal.

Which is now to lose 2.2 pounds in one week.

Un-freaking believable.


Tiffany said...

It's probably muscle...or at least that's what I always are crazy for going out in the cold...I post poned my run!

Katie said...

1. Wii Fit can be kind of a bitch. I have a friend who's short but really muscle-y and Wii Fit deemed him overweight incorrectly. Also the manner in which they indicate that a Wii me is overweight is not very sensitive. They could at least remove the WAA WAA WAAAA.

2. I like egg whites. I am very offended that you would call them stupid. I don't know what kale is but I eat mine with cheese so maybe that's where the discrepancy lies.

3. Maybe instead of 1 beer after work you should have 1 Four Loko. I guarantee it will lower your caloric intake for day. And probably the next day.

Out of My Mind said...

Hey, Nicki, Keep it up because the first week is always the hardest because it is difficult to get the body to respond that fastl (unless you are on the biggest looser and you weigh 300 lbs). It is when you are close to your normal body weight that it is difficult to loose weight. The only diet I ever lost weight on was Jenny Craig when I only ate what was given to me.

(Oh the heck with the WV word)