Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why Do I Always Spend $200 at BJ's?

I can't control myself.  I go to BJ's for specific items - when I am expecting company, I buy food for a crowd.  I buy paper products like toilet paper, kleenex, and napkins.  I buy gum and toothpaste.  Yet, each time I make out to the store, I spend much more money than I budgeted.  On average, my receipts are just under $200.  Why?

Oh, that's right:

I went to the store for burgers, dogs, buns for all, soda, and bottled water.  I got all those things.  But I also got the items seen above.
Item #1:

The most practical of my items, and actually something on my extended list of things to pick up wherever, a nozzle for the  garden hose.  Did I need three nozzles?  Plus cool little attachments that allow you to snap your nozzles onto the end with ease?  Well, no...but how cool!  Now I have a nozzle for rinsing the car, one for showering my future garden plants gently, and one for...well, I'll figure something out.

Item #2:


Totally unnecessary, and certainly impractical for the cost, but who could pass these up?  It's chocolate.  And liquor.  Together!  In one most likely delicious ensemble which will surely be enjoyed by all.   As if that weren't enough, these little gems are ultra cute and wrapped to look like mini whiskey bottles.  I had to have them, have no idea how much they cost, and didn't give it a second thought.

Item #3:


Definitely the most optimistic of my purchases, and on so many fronts.  One, that the snow will melt someday, and summer will arrive.  Two, that my body will be comfortable enough to don a bathing suit.  Three, that I will be able to tolerate the annoying strap around the neck, which I have never tolerated in the past.  But this was only $23.99!  Again, I ask: how could I not buy this?

Thankfully, Adam called me to come home while I was perusing the $1200 outdoor table, chair, and umbrella sets.  They were really really nice though.   Really.

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