Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To My Newest Fan

Dear ComcastCares1,

Well played, I say.  Well played.  You must know I am a sucker for a new reader, and a commenter at that.  I am not sure why I specifically should get the special treatment of being called if there is some reason your workers can't make it to an appointment.  Perhaps this could be made standard procedure?  For everyone?

It should be duly noted that the kid who actually did manage to traverse the icy roads to our humble abode turned out to be a non-moron with possibly more than half a brain.  That is 95% more brains than we were expecting, and like a surprisingly good movie, we were reasonably satisfied.  I didn't meet the guy (by the way, "between the hours of 10am and 1pm" are sooo convenient for those of us with jobs).  But I am told by my better half that our local representative is the "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" of Comcast reps - you don't expect much, and suddenly you realize he is actually a bit witty.  And believe me, my man is a tough nut to crack.  He's a computer programming professor (who luckily works at night) and it takes a knowledgeable person to impress him.

Now, I feel it is only fair:  it should be (triply?) noted that yesterday we received a bill for service at our old apartment - after we moved out.  We called today - apparently this is a bug in the system, a glitch in the matrix, that the computer cannot be stopped from automatically generating a bill if you happen to cancel service the day the bill is to be generated. You might want to get on that.

We haven't received a bill yet for the new place, but it would be ever so nice if it was right.  The first time.  But how much are you willing to bet, we will be billed from the day service was supposed to start instead of nearly two weeks later when service actually started?  One year of free HBO?  Two years? 

We shall see.

Of course, all would be forgiven should you decide to comment daily on my awesomeness.

A Comcast Customer (who has tried giving you my phone number in order to look up my account before - apparently, there's more than one glitch in the matrix.)


MoCo said...

Ha, love it!

CaraBee said...

Well played. You'll have to keep us posted on how things turn out!

Sorry again that we won't be able to come over tomorrow! Have a great time, though! We'll be yukking it up with abunch of two year olds. I'd rather be drinkingbeer and ogling your new house, believe me.